Past Appearances - Scottsdale 2005

The "Festival of the West 2005" was at a new venue this year, a western town in Scottsdale known as Rawhide. This is a fun town with much more to see and of course, buy, then the previous venue of Westworld. It was also much better for the guest stars and vendors, since the area where they were set-up was air-conditioned (not that it was really needed this year). But though the accommodations were better, the event itself was more disorganized. There were no signs directing people to the various areas, and worse, there were no schedules either posted or in the programs (for which you paid $3.00) telling you when which celebrities would be appearing when on panel discussions or when or where the showing of their various TV shows would be. It took the organizers two days to get even minimal information out to the guests. 

BUT, that said, the event itself was WONDERFUL! We had fans from all over the world, as well as the USA attending just to see Robert. The British contingent included Elizabeth, Diana, Jacky and Toni and her husband, Richard. From Australia was Graeme and his lovely wife Bec, and from the USA was Patty (Pennsylvania), Betty (Colorado), Virginia  and Jacque (both from Texas), Laura (California), and of course, myself, now from New Mexico. 

We all arrived at Rawhide bright and early on Thursday morning and anxiously awaited the arrival of Robert and Marilynn. They barely had time to meet everyone, when Robert was whisked away for the first of many panel discussions in which he participated during this event. After the panel discussion, there was more time for proper introductions and a bit of conversation, but there is much to see (and buy) at this event, so we soon left Robert to signing autographs and went off exploring. I must add, that Virginia brought "Wagon Train" buttons for us all, and Diana, all the way from England, brought "Horton's Harem" buttons (see the "Tombstone" write-up for the origin of that) for everyone; needless to say, this made us rather conspicuous throughout the event and we were mentioned several times by the moderator of the panel discussions. Later that evening everyone met in my room to watch some Wagon Train tapes and other tapes of Robert. Since I now live within driving distance of Scottsdale, I was able to pack (and I mean PACK) my car with all sorts of extras, including a portable TV/VCR and a dozen or so tapes of Wagon Train, Shenandoah, and Robert's guest appearances on various shows. I brought snacks and some wine and we had our very own "Flint Fest" party! 

Friday brought more of the same, with panel discussions and shopping and watching all the events. If you have never seen a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) event, you don't know what you're missing! The horsemanship and the shooting ability of the participants is really awesome to watch. The object is to ride your horse, as fast as you can around a course with balloons tethered to posts and shoot all the balloons in the least amount of time. With your horse running full out, this is really quite a feat and thrilling to watch. If anyone in our group, or reading this, got a photo of these events, I will add it to this page.

Saturday, I did not go to Rawhide, since I wasn't feeling well (an understatement if ever there was one), and I had some last minute details to put together and arrange for the dinner that evening. We all met at the restaurant, Carlos O'Briens, a wonderful Mexican restaurant that had a private room to accommodate us all and great food at a reasonable cost. I placed name cards and little gifts to everyone at each setting. Robert and Marilynn each sat at one table and halfway through the meal they changed seats, so everyone got to talk to everyone all evening and at the end of the evening they presented each of us with a Native American Dream Catcher as a souvenir of the event.  The stories, the camaraderie, and the fun of the evening cannot be put into words. The highlight might have been, and I expect it is different for each of us, the presentation to Robert of a signature frame, a photo where all of us signed messages to him on the specially designed mat. He was truly moved by the many messages and we all hope that it is something he will always look at and remember us and the wonderful evening. 

Sunday brought its own special memories. There was another panel discussion, this time with both Denny Miller and Stella Stevens. Denny was truly a funny and humble man and never failed to thank Robert for all his help on Wagon Train. The highlight of the day came when the schedule called for a showing of a "Wagon Train" episode in the old time schoolhouse that had been set-up for this purpose. These showings were not well advertised, but the star of each particular show was to watch it with the fans and then make some comments afterward. I think Robert was the only one who did, and he most certainly had the largest group of fans present. The episode he chose was "The Don Alvarado Story," and it was a lot of fun to watch it with him! There were times when he simply put his head down and shook with laughter and there were other parts that he enjoyed re-watching, such as the sword fight and one of the longest kisses on record! There wasn't much time left at the Festival when the episode was finished and all our questions asked and answered, so we all said "Good-Bye," amidst some tears and some laughter and hope that we can do it all again sometime in the not to distant future! 

I want to add a very special "thank you" to Bec, from Australia, who was such a good sport (her husband, Graeme, is the western fan) and who took such wonderful photos for me on Saturday evening! She was our official website photographer and without her there would be very few photos to share with you all! So THANK YOU Bec! 



First thing I will say is my first visit to Scottsdale was worth all the worry—stress—fear and anxiety, which I felt on the run up to the event. The fear and dread of traveling 20 hours from leaving home to arriving at the hotel was worth every minute. But to my amazement I managed to get through the whole week with out a problem what so ever.


Elizabeth and I have been friends for a while now and last year I reluctantly backed out of coming over to the USA as I worried about traveling, but this time I said to Elizabeth just go ahead and book it, and we met up at Manchester and then we met Jacky at Heathrow, by then I was an absolute wreck not knowing what to expect, but I was looking forward to meeting the rest of Horton’s Harem.


Toni and Richard were there waiting patiently to pick us up at Phoenix airport to take us to the hotel.

The Hotel was very pleasant, and I went for a early morning walk by myself round about, I was in deep thought and could not believe I was walking about Arizona alone enjoying the wonderful scenery, truly a great time.


Toni and Richard were wonderful, they took us from place to place and never complained, we met all the gang from Horton’s Harem and we saw some stunning sights and made great friends, and without them we would have been lost.


The build up to Thursday morning was incredible –feelings of excitement and wild emotions, which never left me. I was so thrilled to meet all the gang, Hi Patty, Virginia, Betty, Graeme, Becky, Jacque, Laura and Alicia, great to meet you all.


But the first sight of Robert was a feeling I cannot describe, 45 years of adoration in a few minutes was simply so fulfilling, I was just left spellbound.

His smile was exactly the same as I had always known and still excites me as it did way back. When he took my hand he took away my fears and anxieties  and made me feel calm and tranquil. When he spoke to me  “Diana from the Lake County” I just melted into a fuzzy daze, but soon came back to life when he embraced me, WOW cannot put it into words. He is adorable.

We stayed a while to watch Robert signing autographs and mainly to catch every glimpse we could, as I had never met him before I kept my eyes on him afraid to look away in case he wasn't there when I looked again, I'm just a crazy women where the Hot Man is concerned.

 But I adore him and like you all want to be close by as long as possible.


We had a wonderful time at Alicia’s hotel room, she made us so welcome and all new friends together watching Robert singing some of his great songs was very special, these songs I have not heard before, a wonderful night which was a great addition to the holiday. If I may also add Alicia's hard work with the web site is amazing, she has given Robert another chance to find new fan's and friends from all over the world. Thanks Alicia.


The restaurant on Saturday was wonderful, Robert and Marilynn made us feel very welcome and relaxed, and I did manage to ask Robert a few questions. Marilynn was very nice and made me laugh. They would not believe me at home I was sitting beside Robert having a meal and chatting about his life and Wagon Train. I did not need to worry at all, at the end of the night it was a very emotional time and there were many tears, (How are you Patty?), when he was presented with his photo from all of us he was overwhelmed, it was wonderful to see, an experience I will never forget.



When we went to the schoolhouse at Rawhide to watch Wagon Train. The experience was terrific. If my dear Dad was still alive he would have wanted to be there, he was also a great Flint fan.

Every one was on tender hooks waiting for Robert to arrive. I could not imagine being in the same room with Robert never mind watching Wagon Train with him. I sat right behind him throughout the episode just in case he needed any help at all; LOL and he sure did as I helped him up from the chair. But it didn't stop there; when we finished taking photos outside, he was off back to his table at the festival. I then asked him if he needed an escort, as I was worried about the uneven road down the hill.  He answered, “sure if you like,” so Elizabeth and I escorted him down to the entrance. I could not believe we did that, another memory I will never forget, it just gets better and better.


My 45-year ambition and dream of Flint has now been completed, my meeting with my one and only cowboy was an amazing feeling of overwhelming emotion, which I have never felt before.


Meeting the big man himself is a lifetime experience and was a very emotional event, and will stay with me for the rest of my life. The whole event was a successful and enjoyable occasion. Thanks for the memories.


Diana, Lake District, England


PATTY's Report

After traveling to California in August to attend the Golden Boot Awards and especially to meet Robert, I had hoped after that wonderful experience that I would someday again get to be in his company.  When I learned that there would indeed be a gathering of adoring fans planning a trip to Scottsdale, I convinced my husband that I really wanted to join the group.  Besides, it was a dream of mine to see the southwestern part of our country.  I had arranged with Alicia to fly to Albuquerque and drive with her to Scottsdale.  Alicia kindly picked me up at the airport on Tuesday and I spent a wonderful time as a guest in her lovely home and in the process made friends with Winston (a Maltese puppy) who really is the King of the household.

     On Wednesday morning we packed up the red, Hot Man Express Stagecoach with Alicia at the reins and I riding shotgun.  Needless to say, the ride was absolutely beautiful as I viewed the New Mexico scenery.  As we entered Arizona territory, the landscape became even more spectacular.  I was like a kid in the candy shop peering out at mountain and desert views and I had a terrific time with my girlfriend as we listened to Robert's CDs along the way.  I must say that Alicia is a great driver as she navigated around some harrowing bends on Interstate 17.  I, on the other hand, failed miserably on the way home when I mistakenly gave Alicia the wrong road to turn into.........okay...okay...I admit I could not pass INDIAN SCOUT CLASS 101. (So just shoot me, Alicia!!!!!!) 
    After getting settled into our hotel, we made arrangements to have a lovely dinner with Virginia, Jacque and Betty.   Later, I met Laura from California who was to be my roommate.
On Thursday morning we met Graeme and Bec from Australia and we went to Rawhide where the festival was to be held.  Somehow, we managed to find the huge pavilion which held all of the vendors, main stage and of course, the celebrities.  As we gathered around waiting for Robert, we met the British folks with many hugs.  The morning ticked by and Robert had yet to arrive.  About 11:15 I saw him arrive and be ushered to a panel discussion that was already taking place.  The moderator of the discussion asked Robert about his Harem and he graciously said that he was looking forward to meeting everyone and to the Saturday evening dinner.  When the discussion was over Robert greeted the British folks and it was exciting to see Diana and Jackie meet Robert for the first time.  I was again nervous to see him and I shyly hung back behind a big fellow and as the man moved aside, Robert saw me and I could not even have imagined the wonderful greeting that he bestowed upon me.  I will never forget it!!! 
     Jackie and I had made arrangements to horseback ride with a private outfitter in the Tonto National Forest and it was tough to leave Robert and the festival but it was a dream of mine to see the beauty of this land from the back of a horse.  I think only a horse person would appreciate this statement.  This trip proved to be the MOST incredible ride I had ever experienced.  We had Joe as our guide and I can honestly say that he was unbelievably kind to us.  Besides his knowledge of the area and his wonderful horsemanship, he saw to it that we would experience the ride just as he does when he competes at Endurance Riding Competitions.  I have never experienced galloping almost two miles nonstop around cacti with sharp turns and at what seemed like breakneck speed.  The horses were wonderful and the scenery with the desert in bloom was again spectacular.  I know Jacky shares my view on this wonderful experience and it was worth every cent.  I am so happy that we had this great time together as we had only met that morning.
      Friday and Saturday were again spent at the festival as we took in the riding and shooting events in the arena and shopped among the western crafters in the re-enactors village. Of course we checked out Robert and Marilynn at the autograph table and his panel discussions.  
     Saturday evening was the highlight of the festival as we had dinner with Robert and Marilynn.  They both seemed to enjoy themselves and it was truly a great evening with everyone getting to socialize with them.  I especially enjoyed chatting with Marilynn as we kibitzed about our husbands.
 As Robert did not receive the Cowboy Spirit Award, I had suggested to Alicia that I thought we should honor Robert ourselves.  We all signed a Signature frame in which Alicia had inserted a picture of Robert as Flint and she transposed a special message to him.. When Alicia presented it to Robert, he truly was touched and it seemed that he was at a loss for words.  He did not want to be undone by us, so he gave a little speech about the Native Americans and their custom of making dreamcatchers.  He then worked his way around the room and passed out individual dreamcatchers to everyone.  When he approached me I totally became unhinged and the tears started to flow.  I totally lost it with him as it was such a tender moment.  Another event forever imprinted in my memory.
     We all met again on Sunday and were able to meet Robert in the one room Schoolhouse where we had a special viewing of Wagon Train with Robert giving us quite a bit of background information on Wagon Train.  It was fun to see his reactions to some of the scenes.  At 4:00 we sadly said our farewells to Robert and he hugged and kissed everyone.  Alicia and I had dinner later with the Brits which was very enjoyable.
    It was truly another incredible experience for me and I again thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to see Robert and Marilynn again and to meeting my old friends from the Golden Boot and the new ones from Britain and Australia and Laura from California.  I am truly grateful to Robert and Marilynn for sharing themselves with us and most especially to my favorite girlfriend Alicia, for her hard work, organizational skills and worrying endlessly that we would all have a good time.  You did a great job girlfriend, and I want to thank you for your undying love of Robert which enabled all of us to share our lives with him.
                 BETTY'S Report:  FUN AT THE '05 FESTIVAL

     When I first heard about the festival with the opportunity of seeing the Hortons again, as well as the good friends I made during the Golden Boot
Weekend in California, I wanted to attend, but since my daughter, Laura, was teaching school and couldn't come with me this time, I was undecided.

      In January, as we had planned, Jacque (a wonderful friend I had met at the Golden Boot weekend) came to visit me, and while she was here she asked if I would be going to the festival. I told her that I really didn't feel I could handle the airport hassle by myself, and before I could say anything else, Jacque said, "Oh, don't let that stop you from going.  I'll route my trip from Houston through Denver, spend the night, and the two of us can take the shuttle to the airport the next morning."  Then is when I began to make my plans and began getting excited.

       Jacque arrived on the 15th and we had such a happy reunion, and as planned, boarded the plane for Arizona the next day.  Knowing that it would
be very difficult for me, with my arthritis in the knees, to walk to our gate, she arranged for a wheelchair, and it was a Godsend.  We had no wait
at the security gate and breezed on through right to our boarding area. Jacque was with me all the way because we were traveling together.

        When we arrived at the Phoenix airport, as planned, our friend and roommate, Virginia,
met us in the baggage claim area.  Unfortunately we were delayed by the fact that a small piece of my luggage didn't arrive with the other one.  Once
again, dear Jacque went to the office to fill out a claim form for me.  Then the three of us took a shuttle and away we went to the hotel in Scottsdale. 
Our room was very nice - a living room/dining room area with a pullout sofa and a bedroom with two large beds.  Incidentally, bless her heart, Jacque
took the sofa bed, while Virginia and I had the beds.  There was plenty of room for the three of us and we
even worked out time schedules for use of the bathroom with no problem whatever.

       We got in touch with the people in our group that had already arrived and during dinner time, we got together to make our plans for the next day,
which turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We all met in the hotel lobby and took the complementary van from the hotel
to the festival area. Foolishly, not realizing there would be sand to walk on, I chose to wear toeless shoes, and couldn't take two steps without sand getting into my shoes.  Jacque and Virginia convinced me that in order for me to get anywhere, I needed a wheelchair.  Jacque pushed me to the Pavilion, where the celebrities had set up certain areas where they were selling photos and CDs.  When we got to Bob and Marilynn's area, Bob asked if I had fallen.  I quickly told him and Marilynn about the toeless shoes, and she kindly
advised me to wear sensible shoes the next day

       It was so good to see the Hortons, and we all chose photos and CDs that we didn't have.  Then we visited the other celebrity areas and even
though I could have walked around in the Pavilion, Jacque said that if we were to leave the wheelchair outside to use later, it might not be there
then, so rather than pushing the empty chair, I continued to stay in it, but urged Jacque to leave me at the main stage, where enjoyable singing
performances were constantly going on.  I told her to go off on her own and enjoy herself.  She did, but she never left me very long, and she brought me
cold drinks and snacks.    Then the next day, I did wear the only sensible shoes I brought - a pair of tennies, and I was determined that Jacque
would't need to push me in the chair that day.  However, the distance from the entrance to the Pavilion was quite long and halfway there, I felt pain,
and my knees went out on me completely, making it a necessity now for sure that the wheelchair was needed.  I worried that doing this was too heavy foracque, but she assured me it wasn't.  Enough of this subject, but I knew others wondered why I could walk sometimes and not others.  It was the
distance walking that got to me.

       Every morning we all went to have a few words with Bob and Marilynn, but during the day they were quite busy with other people talking to them,
but in the afternoons there were panel discussions between the celebrities, and we enjoyed listening to what Bob had to say in response to questions
people asked him.

      We were all looking forward to Saturday evening (including long-time fans from England and Australia) because we would have Bob and Marilynn all to ourselves.  That night finally came and, just like at the Golden Boot brunch, there were two tables, and the Hortons exchanged places through the
meal.  Alicia had the great idea to prepare a plaque for Bob with a picture of him as "Flint" in the center, and had all of us write something around
the border.  When she presented it to Bob that night, it was very apparent how it affected him. He sat for a long time reading what everyone had
written and his thanks was in his smile for us.  We ended the night close to midnight, having had picture taking and conversations.  It never ceases to
amaze me how tolerant, patient, and gracious Bob and Marilynn are to their fans, letting them take as many pictures as they want and giving of their

During the evening, they gave each of us a lovely gift - an Indian "Dream Catcher", and Bob told us the story of how and why it got its name.  What a
very thoughtful thing for them to do.

      The following day, some of us went over to the school house, where there was a TV/DVD available.  Virginia brought some of her "Wagon Train"  episodes, and we were engrossed in watching one, when the door opened, and in walked Bob.  He watched the episode with us and shared experiences he has had in filming them.  I thought it was so great of him to seek us out  and join us for awhile.

       Afterward,  we all went outside for more pictures, and that was the last time Jacque and I saw Bob and Marilynn.  We all parted the next day to
return to our homes, and Jacque flew with me to Denver, where she caught her plane to Houston, and I returned to mine in a shuttle.
I have to say that I've never known a kinder, more thoughtful, and selfless person in my life, and I feel richly blessed with her friendship.

       When I attended the Golden Boot Awards, I thought nothing could duplicate that weekend, but after attending the Western Festival, it was
every bit as enjoyable.  I was so glad to see  Alicia, :Jacque, Virginia, and  Patty again as well as the Hortons  It was also a great pleasure to
meet Bob's long-time fans from England and Australia, as well as others who were there and had not attended these functions before.  I found Laura to be an especially lovely person who was there for the first time and has been a devoted fan of Bob's since she was nine-years-old.

       Now, as I look back on it, I know I have another wonderful get-together to remember and always cherish, thanks to Alicia bringing us
all together via the web site and the wonderful plans she made so that all of us would have the enjoyable time that we did.


Virginia's Scottsdale Comments
Scottsdale 2005 was a fun-filled event. This is my fifth trip to see Robert Horton at a festival or other event; all the trips have been fun.  Trying to organize my thoughts I see four aspects of this event: life at the motel, panel discussions, Saturday dinner at Carlos O’Briens, and  watching Don Alvarado with Robert. 
Life at the Motel   I shared a room (two double beds and a sofa-bed, one bathroom) with Jacque and Betty.  The room sharing went remarkably smoothly.  Each roommate selected a corner to store her stuff and we soon developed a general schedule for bathing and teeth-brushing that worked for our group.  (Kudos to Betty and Jacque for making room-sharing a success.)   I particularly enjoyed the large gathering in Alicia’s room one evening watching Robert Horton videos, both Wagon Train and music. In our room, we watched several WT’s including Millie Davis, a light episode Betty did not remember.
Panel Discussions   In one panel discussion, Robert talked about the evolution of the wardrobe he wore as Flint. Initially, his clothing included beads on his hat, beads on his belt, and beads on his boots.  He thought this was too much beads and particularly disliked the beads on the boots.  Over time, Robert’s portrayal of Flint was very successful, and he was able to adjust Flint’s costuming to be more to his liking, keeping the beaded belt, but getting rid of the beads on his boots and hat.  Another panel question was about Robert’s way to tell guests it is time to leave -- his method is to start vacuuming around the long-staying guests. In Sunday’s panel discussion, Robert made a very nice comment about enjoying Saturday night dinner with the fans.    
Saturday Dinner at Carlos O’Briens    Great companionship and excellent food. We sat at two round tables in the party room of this Mexican restaurant.  Robert and Marilynn sat at different tables and switched places midway through the meal so every guest could spend time with each of them. The fans gave Robert a picture with a hand-written comment from each of us.  Marilynn and Robert gave each fan a dream-catcher as a souvenir gift.  Alicia gave everyone a small kachina as a souvenir gift.  There was much picture-taking and lots of laughter. We partied so long that the restaurant was empty, except for the bar area, long before we left. 
(We stayed so late, I expected someone to come in and start vacuuming in our party room.) 

Watching Don Alvarado with Robert    Showings at the “Old Schoolhouse” were very poorly publicized (practically hidden,) but our group and a few others gathered Sunday afternoon to watch a Wagon Train episode with Robert.  Robert selected “Don Alvarado” from several available episodes.  In this episode Flint impersonates a Spanish gentleman in order to claim an inheritance. Robert shook his head at some of the more improbable parts of this story, seemed to enjoy the sword fight, and commented on the long kissing sequence which is interrupted by a comic interlude.     
Summary  Much fun with good companions. I am looking forward to another gathering, somewhere, sometime.


JACKY's Comments on the "Festival of the West 2005"
This was my very first trip to America and the first, and last, holiday without my husband.  Being a 'first timer' I had not met anyone from Horton's Harem so I felt rather apprehensive when I met Elizabeth and Diana at Heathrow Airport.  They both very quickly put me at my ease and I felt very comfortable and relaxed in their company.  The flight over was very good and we were met at Phoenix Airport by Toni and her husband, Richard.  Richard had hired a peoples carrier (an SUV for the Americans reading this) to take us all around and to the Festival.  We owe so much to Richard as without him we would not have been able to go anywhere, and both he and Toni were such lovely company. 
The first day of the Festival I nervously met Robert for the first time.  Because I was standing back, not daring to approach him, Toni took hold of my arm and introduced me to him.  He said 'hello' and shook my hand.  I was in such a state of shock I was unable to speak, and I could not let go of his hand.  He more or less had to peel my hand from his.  Afterwards Toni asked me if I was O.K. now.  I told her I was still shaking and my stomach still had butterflies.  I could not believe that I had actually touched the man I had always wanted to meet. 
I did not stay long the first day as Patty and I had booked to go on a horse ride.  This was absolutely amazing.  Our guide, Joseph, was a very knowledgeable guy who seemed to know everything about the Arizona Desert and the habitat.  The horses were very sure-footed which they had to be, because we were cantering and galloping a lot.  One minute we were up on the top of the mountain where it was quite cold, the next we were down in the canyon away from the chill of the wind.  The ride was very fast and at times I did wonder how I managed to stay on, but it was the best ride I had ever been on in my life.  I came away from there with a lot more knowledge than I went with, thanks to Joseph.  If it had not been for Patty going with me I would not have done this.  Patty is a very good rider and I really enjoyed her company.  If I am lucky enough to get to the Festival next year I hope we can both do this ride again.
I met Robert again, nervously, the next day to pick up some photographs and his autograph.  Saturday evening was my best time ever and the company of Robert's Harem was most relaxing and enjoyable.  After a couple of glasses of wine I started to feel myself relax even more, to the extent that I was actually 'talking' to Robert, and later to Marilynn, as though I had known them for years.  I had waited 47 years to meet him and now my life has been fulfilled.  Robert was given a photograph of himself which was signed by us all which he seemed to be overwhelmed by and I am sure he had a tear in his eye.  I know I did when he commented on my message.
I was only able to stay for one week and the time went too quickly.  Before we knew it Elizabeth, Diana and myself were at the airport waiting to go home.  The three of us plus Toni and Richard all got on very well and we all had a lot of fun.  I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Toni and Richard for going out of their way to look after us and take us everywhere.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in America and the company of all the girls ( plus the two guys) from Robert's Harem I was glad to get home to my husband as I missed him every day whilst I was away.  If I am able to get to the Festival next year I shall have to bring my husband and I hope it is next year that Robert will receive The Spirit of the West Award.  Perhaps if we all write to Mary Brown she will nominate Robert for this.
Hope to see you all next year.  Thank you all for a wonderful time.  My very best to you all.
Love, Jacky



My husband Richard, who had never been to America before, and I arrived in Scottsdale on the 12th of March after an 11 hour flight from London, it was worth the long flight.

 We arrived at the Festival of the West with our friends, Elizabeth, Diana and Jacky. When I saw Robert for the first time in two years he recognized me straightway and gave me a warm welcome, we chatted for a while, then he had to go to a panel meeting along with Denny Miller, and others.  Richard said he thought the Festival of the West was so fantastic; he thoroughly enjoyed it very much.  The weather was very good, hot and sunny; compared to our English weather, which is still dull, cold, and very damp.  The fans made us so welcome, we hugged one another and I introduced Richard to Robert, and all the rest of the fans. We took lots of photos all around the Festival of the West, and of course loads of Robert.

 On Thursday evening we, the fans, went to Alicia’s hotel room to watch Robert’s videos tapes on the portable television she brought with her, it was so wonderful, we all had snacks and cokes, chatting to other fans, mainly talking about Robert all night!  While watching Robert on her T.V., it brought me so many marvellous memories of him, sort of nostalgia.  It was a really lovely fan gathering.  We all got to know each other very well.

 On the Saturday evening we had a wonderful time with Robert, Marilynn and the rest of the fans at the Mexican restaurant, I was so pleased I was there when Robert received the large photograph of himself with all the fans’ signatures, I could tell that he was really impressed with it.  I think he was a bit emotional when he saw the photograph, we took a lot of photos, and we were enjoying ourselves with plenty of good laughs.  I had the best seat sitting opposite Robert; I loved watching his handsome face all night!!!  Richard said he had a jolly good time chatting to Robert and Marilynn.

 On our last day at the Festival of the West we said our goodbyes to Robert & Company, it was a bit sad for all of us.  Robert looked so well and of course very handsome for his age, and as always has a lovely, famous smile!!

 We have to take our hats off to Alicia who gave each fan a wonderful gift containing Indian ornaments, they are really lovely and we will treasure them and of course to Patty and her friend gave me a beautiful box full of Robert Horton’s photos and a lovely poem inside the box.  Thank you very much Alicia and Patty for their kind thoughts.

 Our big grateful thanks to Alicia who had worked so hard to make the seating arrangements for us; it was a lovely atmosphere.  And also I hope she will continue to do her superb website I love to see it every day to see if there is any more news of Robert.

 We had a wonderful holiday and brilliant time.  We hope to see Robert & Company next year, you never know!

 Thank you all once again for making us so welcome, especially Alicia.




Our trip this year was absolutely wonderful.  If was so nice seeing everyone again and pleased to say our "English group" all got on so very well together.
I found the western festival much better than two years ago.  Traveling was so much easier having a car to hand and a very special thank you to Richard for his superb driving.
We enjoyed the evening with Alicia and friends watching the video's , a good time was had by all.  The "magic" evening on Saturday was wonderful - spending time with Robert and Marilyn and the Mexican meal was just really beyond words, it is so very very special.  Thanks you Robert and Marilyn for taking time to spend with us, it is very much appreciated.
Scottsdale is a lovely place I bought lots of goodies and pleased today all have been given out and everyone liked their presents.
The flight home was delayed by an hour, so we missed our connection at Manchester but 2 hours later we were home so not delayed too much.  To my surprise we came home to lovely weather - sunshine and quite warm.  Has not lasted though! Once again it was great seeing you all again and to meet the new fans we had not met before, it was lovely.
Everyone is talking about returning next year if Robert is going - I hope he does and I really hope he is awarded the Spirit of Life award. 
I had a  marvelous holiday, wonderful memories.
Thanks you to you all.
A big thank you goes to Alicia for all your hard work.


The Aussies meet The Horton's

After months of anticipation and planning, Bec and I finally left our hometown of Melbourne, Australia on our way to the USA and the Festival of the West.  Neither the fog that delayed our flights, nor the 36 hour trip, could dampen our enthusiasm – much of which had been built up over the preceding months of e-mails sent back and forth across the world as many of Robert Horton’s fans prepared for their own “big trip”.

We arrived in Scottsdale on the first day of the Festival, and met up with Alicia Williams and her friends Patty and Laura who drove us to the Festival.  Alicia was the one who persuaded us to change our holiday plans to attend the Festival – we owe you one, Alicia!

Everyone was VERY focused on meeting the great man, Robert Horton, so it was a quick walk through the Rawhide town and all the exhibitors to where the celebrities were seated.

I have waited all my life to attend something like the Festival – and so you can imagine how excited I was to see Peter Brown (Lawman) and next to him, Ty Hardin (Bronco Layne) right there in front of my eyes – and Robert was still to appear!  I had a quick chat to Ty, but then it was time to meet the rest of “Horton’s Harem” (and of course, Richard!). While we were talking, Robert arrived.  In awe, I took a backward step while Robert greeted all the ladies, and then, yep, it was time for this little Aussie to be introduced and I got to shake his hand.  What an honor!!! Robert Horton……….

As Robert took his position with the other celebrities, I said to Bec, “It can’t get any better than this”, but as time went on, it did.

We attended the Festival on Thursday and Friday - two fantastic days doing cowboy things, talking and listening to the celebrities.

When I thought that things could not get any better, roll on Saturday night where I had the privilege of have dinner with the Horton’s (Robert and Marilynn) and Horton’s Harem.

The night started with a couple of cold beers (I think, to try to calm down my excitement). Two tables had been set up with Robert on one and Marilynn on the other.  I had the absolute pleasure of having Marilynn sitting next to me, Yee Har!! What a lovely person Marilynn is, and she entertained the whole table with great conversation.

When the umpire blew his whistle for half time, it was time for Marilynn and Robert to swap seats and yep, this Aussie had the BEST seat in the house, right next to Mr. Robert Horton. I have to be honest; I could not get the smile off my face. Over the next couple of hours the conversation was sensational, reliving a lot of Robert’s past.

And just when I thought it could not get any better, it did…

The paparazzi started and I had my photo taken with Robert (arm in arm) and with the beautiful Marilynn planting a kiss on my cheek. Wooo. I also got photos with Horton’s Harem, to add to a great photo session.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, Robert presented all of us with an Indian Dream Catcher, and told us a story behind them. My dream catcher went straight to my Cowboy Room with all my other cowboy memorabilia. What a memory - every time I look at my dream catcher it’s not too hard to daydream back to Scottsdale.

Unfortunately the night had to end, but it was one of the best nights I have ever spent in my life.

On the Sunday morning, Bec and I headed off for the rest of our USA holiday which took another four and half weeks and covered highlights such as, Tombstone (The town too tough too die), Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas (and no, I did not win), Miami and a Caribbean Cruise. A top holiday in total.

Flying back to Australia from The USA, Bec asked me what I though was my number one highlight of the previous five weeks. As I stated to grin she answered it for me and said, “It was the “Festival of the West” with Saturday night with the Horton’s as the main highlight, wasn’t it?” Yes, she knows me well and she was 101 percent correct.

I would like to thank the Horton's for making it so special for Bec and me.  Also, special thanks to Alicia for all her organization, as without her, none of this would have happened.

Long live Flint McCullough

From Aussies Down Under

Graeme and Bec Hudson



Laura’s Report

 First of all, I would like to thank you, Alicia, for this beautiful experience, and for all your hard work putting everything together, and on a personal note, thank you for making me feel so welcome. I loved meeting EVERYONE, sharing a room with Patty, getting to know Graeme and Bec (you HAVEN'T been to Ayres Rock?), Betty, Toni, and Richard. I'm SO glad I've met you and we're keeping in touch!

How do I even begin to find words for an experience that is so beautiful? It started with a 12-hour bus trip, but I listened to my Shenandoah CD the entire time, just thinking about Robert Horton the whole way, so amazed that I was actually going to get to meet him. I can STILL hardly believe that I got to meet Robert Horton! When I was 9 years old and first fell in love with Flint, I never could have imagined, in my most special dreams, that I would ever be blessed that way. For me, the way this all happened was very spiritual. Starting last summer, when I was so lost after being laid off from the job I love (Counselor) due to county budget cuts, I really saw no light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. One day I just thought about Robert, out of nowhere, and looked up his name, and found Alicia's website. You were a lifesaver, Alicia, so kind to email me back, and in talking about Robert, I found that after all these years, I still felt the same about him. I always wondered what happened to him, did not know anything about what he had done after Shenandoah. Robert and Alicia helped me through the summer (I finally got my job back in Oct.); I got the Shenandoah CD, and some episodes of Wagon Train. And Alicia kept in touch by email. She told me about the Golden Boot Awards, but I couldn't go. But she encouraged me to go to Scottsdale, and was so kind to include me in the group. I am so grateful, a kindness I wish I could repay. I told Marilynn about what happened, how I ended up at the Festival, because I wanted her to know and to tell Robert how much he helped me. Thank you, Marilynn for telling him that.

Robert touched me so deeply; I have never experienced anything like that. No person I have ever met has affected me so much. His kindness (and of course, how incredibly handsome he is) just about did me in. I got a lot of his pictures (Flint), I wanted every one, but no matter how many times I went back to his table, he was always so nice. It got to be pretty funny, probably. He would smile, and kind of shake his head. I couldn't help it. I love all the pictures I got. It's no secret; I'm sure, how I feel about him. I can't help it. I went back one time and told him I "needed Stormy" a gorgeous picture of him and Stormy from Kiowa Jones. He signed Stormy's name on it too, and said he'd never done that before.

 At the dinner, Robert and Marilynn giving us those Dream Catchers, and the beautiful story he told about them, was SO touching. How thoughtful of them. I can't imagine a more wonderful present.  I still can't believe that Robert Horton gave ME a Dream Catcher, my greatest treasure. Some of you know this, but after he gave it to me, he asked me which one I got. He said "Oh, the Indian", which has always been my favorite word Flint said, the WAY he always said it. And Robert said it just that way. I LOVED that. That's no coincidence, I don't think.  

It was incredible having him there and watching Wagon Train in the schoolhouse. It was hard just being casual, like that was an everyday occurrence or something. I couldn't get over that.

 I love that we gave Robert that picture. I'm so glad he knows how much he is appreciated and loved.  

I had so much fun with everyone I got to spend time with. I can't wait to see everybody again next year, when Robert BETTER gets the Cowboy Spirit Award!  Thank you everyone, for your kindness, and making it a wonderful experience I'll treasure forever.

 With affection,



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