Wagon Train

The First Season

Wagon Train Episodes – Starring Robert Horton
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1)    The Jean LeBec Story (25 Sept 1957): While escorting a friend’s daughter to San Francisco, a New Orleans man is forced to kill the son of a powerful St. Joe businessman, who then refuses to sell supplies to the Wagon Train unless the killer is turned over to him. Flint helps the man escape. This episode introduced "Flint McCullough." GS: Ricardo Montalban, Joanna Moore, Grant Withers, Bill Phipps. (A) 

 2)    The John Cameron Story (2 Oct 1957): John and his flirtatious wife Julie are traveling west to start a new life. When three brothers join the train, Julie’s attention to them results in her kidnapping. Flint helps John track them down. GS: Michael Rennie, Carolyn Jones, Claude Akins, William Boyett, Henry Wills, Francis J. McDonald. (CH) 

 3)      The Les Rand Story (16 Oct 1957): After being released from prison, Les Rand returns to his home town to avenge the death of his Indian wife. He believes the person responsible is his father, the towns only doctor. Flint is also in town looking for the doctor to attend a seriously injured Chuck Wooster back on the train. GS: Sterling Hayden. (CH)

 4)      The Emily Rossiter Story (30 Oct 1957): When her husband was killed on the way to California, Emily was forced to remarry to provide a home for her daughter. Her second husband, however, is the leader of a band of thieves who have robbed the Wagon Train. Flint must track them down. GS: Mercedes McCambridge, Susan Oliver, John Dehner, Bill Phipps, Robert McQueeny. (A)


 5)      The Charles Avery Story (13 Nov 1957): Avery, a Cavalry Lt. who has hated the Lipon Indians ever since his father was killed by their chief, is carrying a peace treaty to them, along with the chief's returning daughter. Flint must be ready to defend him or kill him if his actions endanger the treaty. GS: Farley Granger, Chuck Conners, Susan Kohner, Bing Russell, Mack Williams, Nico Minardos, Henry Brandon, Abel Fernandez. (CH)  

6)      The Zeke Thomas Story (27 Nov 1957): Zeke and his wife Maggie are stranded with the Wagon Train when the leaders in a small town refuse to supply the train with water. While in town with Flint, Zeke encounters his first wife, whom he had presumed dead. GS: Gary Merrill, Janice Rule, K.T. Stevens. (CH) 

7)      The Clara Beauchamp Story (11 Dec 1957): When the colonel of a frontier fort invites the Indian chief of a local tribe to the fort in the hopes of averting a war, the chief is insulted by the colonel’s wife, who desperately wants to return east. With war inevitable, Flint asks for protection for the Wagon Train. GS: Nina Foch, Shepperd Strudwick, Richard Garland, Robert Swan, Irene Windust, Ellen Hardies, Robert Roark, John Merrick, Monte Blue, Mike Ragan, Will White. (A)

8)      The Cliff Grundy Story (25 Dec 1957): When Cliff, an old friend of Flint’s who has joined the train, is trampled by a buffalo, Flint volunteers to stay with the dying man. Also volunteering to stay is another member of the train who only wants to learn the location of Cliff’s gold mine. GS: Dan Duryea, Russell Johnson. (A) 

9)   The Gabe Carswell Story (15 Jan 1958): Frontier legend Gabe Carswell, an adopted Arapaho for 30 years, joins the wagon train with his half-Indian son, Jess. But the boy prefers his Arapaho name, Little Elk, and hopes to become a warrior by killing Flint. GS: James Whitmore, Scott Marlowe, Thomas B. Henry, Sondra Rodgers, Norman Willis. (CH) 

10)  The Dora Gray Story (29 Jan 1958): While investigating an Indian raiding party armed with rifles, Flint tangles with a gunrunner, a corrupt army officer, and a woman named Dora, who may kill him or save his life. GS: Linda Darnell, John Carradine, Dan Blocker. (CH) 

11)  The Mark Hanford Story (26 Feb 1958): When his father betrays Mark Hanford’s Indian mother, the young man kidnaps a woman from the wagon train who is planning to become his father’s new bride. Flint must try to stop the angry father from causing a war with the tribe. GS: Tom Tryon, Onslow Stevens, Kathleen Crowley, Paul Fix, I. Stanford Jolley, Perry Ivins, Steven Ritch, Susan White, Frances Morris, Charles Stevens. (CH) 

12)  The Sarah Drummond Story (2 Apr 1958): Flint seeks shelter at the Drummond ranch and becomes involved in a feud between the Drummonds and their bigoted neighbors. GS: June Lockhart, William Talman, Gene Evans, Debby Hengen, Claudia Drake. (A) 

13)  The Daniel Barrister Story (16 Apr 1958): When Barrister’s wife is critically injured in an accident, he will not allow any treatment except for prayer. Finally the woman herself asks for a doctor and Flint rides out to find one. GS: Charles Bickford, Roger Smith, Peg Hillias, Allan Lane, Kay Cousins, Sarah Shelby, Arthur Space, Anthony Lawrence. (CH) 

14)  The Charles Maury Story (7 May 1958): Seth and Flint are worried about a possible attack from a renegade band of former Confederates, so they are only too glad to accept the offer of protection from a troop of Union soldiers. However, they soon become suspicious of their intentions. GS: Charles Drake, Wanda Hendrix, George Keymas, Steve Rowland, Frieda Inescort. (A) 

15)  The Cassie Tanner Story (4 Jun 1958): Flint rescues Cassie Tanner, an independent, outspoken woman who is heading west alone, from an Indian attack and persuades her to join the wagon train. When Cassie meets the Major, she decides he is the man for her. GS: Marjorie Main, George Chandler, Harry Hines. (A) 

16)  The John Wilbot Story (11 Jun 1958): After an argument concerning who works harder, Flint and the Major decide to switch jobs temporarily . GS: Dane Clark, Robert Vaughn, Audrey Dalton, Tyler McVey, Virginia Aldridge, Tharon Crigler, Roy Engel. (A)


17)  The Monty Britton Story (18 Jun 1958): Major Adams finds Flint returning to the wagon train on foot and delirious after finding a poisoned waterhole. The train's only hope of finding water is to send someone to an army post, but the only person other than Flint who knows the way is a former army officer who refuses to go. GS: Ray Danton, Mona Freeman, Claude Akins. (A) 

18) The Sacramento Story (25 Jun 1958): When the wagon train finally reaches Sacramento, Flint accompanies a dying man and his daughter to the ranch land he had bought years before. When Flint discovers the land is now a swamp, he shows the man a fertile valley instead and then sets out to find the swindler. GS: Margaret O’Brien, Dan Duryea, Linda Darnell, Marjorie Main, Harry Stephens, George Chandler, Roscoe Ates. (CH) 

The Second Season

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