Wagon Train

The Second Season

1)   The Jennifer Churchill Story (15 Oct 1958): Beautiful and rich Jennifer Churchill runs away from her father and a marriage she doesn’t want and joins the wagon train. Flint tries to help her escape when he learns her father has offered a reward for the return of his daughter, knowing that every bounty hunter in the territory will be after her. A delightful romance. GS: Rhonda Fleming, Andy Clyde, Eddy Waller, Paul Maxey. (A)  

2)      The Millie Davis Story (26 Nov 1958): While riding through a town ahead of the wagon train, Flint encounter’s friends Millie Davis and her adopted daughter, Penny. Afraid that a woman who has just arrived in town claiming to be Penny’s maternal grandmother will take the child away, Millie claims she and Flint are the parents of the little girl. GS: Nancy Gates, Evelyn Rudie, Eleanor Audley, Whit Bissell, Irving Bacon, Chubby Johnson, Harry Hines, Amzie Strickland, James Coburn. (A)


3)   The Tent City Story (10 Dec 1958): Major Adams fires Flint after an argument concerning a member of the train who shot a buffalo on Indian hunting grounds. When the wagon train gets to Tent City, the Major finds that Flint is the new town marshal. GS: Wayne Morris, Audrey Totter, Slim Pickens, Dennis McCarthy, Yvonne White, Juney Ellis, Peter Coe, Bill Henry, Earl Hansen, Carol Henry. (CH) NOTE: For those of us who might think the acting industry is ‘glamorous,’ Mr. Horton tells the following story: At the end of this episode, Flint fights the Indian chief over the right to his prisoner. The fight takes place in the mud. However, there were a lot of horses standing around, “doing what animals will do, and it was a lot more than mud!” Now if that wasn’t bad enough, they thought the filming was finished on Friday afternoon, only to get to work on Monday morning to find that the director wanted to re-shoot part of that scene, only now the ‘mud mixture’ had ripened, but into it they went all over again! Now that is dedication to your craft!



4)   The Beauty Jamison Story (17 Dec 1958): A woman ranch owner, who controls the largest ranch in the territory, refuses Flint permission to let the wagon train cross her land, claiming he is sympathetic to the small ranch owners she is trying to force out. GS: Virginia Mayo, Russell Johnson, Ken Mayer, Frank Gerstle, Phil Chambers, Charles Tannen, May Lee, Pete Dunn, Jim Bannon. (A)  


5)      The Mary Ellen Thomas Story (24 Dec 1958): Mary Ellen is an orphan girl traveling west to join family, but members of the train reject her due her to surly disposition. Her only friend is Sally Mayhew, another little girl traveling west with her family, but who is dying of consumption. With Flint’s help, Mary Ellen provides Sally a white Christmas. GS: Patty McCormack, Jenny Hecht, Claudia Bryar, Dick Cutting, Vernon Rich, Barbara Pepper, Clifford Botelho. (A)  

6)      The Flint McCullough Story (14 Jan 1959): Flint arrives at Fort Bridger, his hometown, only to find that Jase Taylor, a former Confederate colonel is living there. Flint has sworn to kill the man. GS: Everett Sloane, Rebecca Wells, Charles Cooper, Theodore Newton, Milton Frome, Logan Field, Buzz Martin, Joel Ashley. (A)  

7)      The Ben Courtney Story (28 Jan 1959): Flint escorts two families from the wagon train to their new home, only to find that the sheriff refuses to let them settle there unless one of the families gives up one of their two adopted sons, who happens to be a young Negro boy. GS: Stephen McNally, Kay Stewart, John Larch, Darryl Glenn, Roger Mobley, Phillip Pine, Judith Ames, Richard Hale, Arthur Space, Tom McKee. (A)  

8)      The Old Man Charvanaugh Story (18 Feb 1959): While escorting Mrs. Lerner and her two children to meet her husband, Flint and the family are robbed by Charvanaugh and his brutish sons. Barely escaping with their lives, Flint goes back to track down Charvanaugh before he robs again. GS: J. Carrol Nash, Dorothy Green, Bernadette Withers, Ricky Klein, L. Q. Jones, Jeff Daley, Mickey Finn, Quentin Sondergaard. (A)  

9)      The Annie Griffith Story (25 Feb 1959): While scouting for a pass through the snow-covered mountains, Flint is ambushed and badly wounded. He is found and nursed back to health by a rugged mountain woman who hopes to trade him to the Indians for help in getting back to civilization. GS: Jan Sterling, John Dehner, Clem Bevins, Robert Anderson. (A)  

10)  The Vivian Carter Story (11 Mar 1959): Flint escorts Vivian Carter to a nearby town where she is planning to be married. However, when she finds her husband-to-be is already married, she returns to the train embittered and shunning everyone, including the man who truly loves her. GS: Phyllis Thaxter, Lorne Greene, Patric Knowles, Jane Darwell. (CH) 

11)  The Conchita Vasquez Story (18 Mar 1959): Conchita lures Flint into trap, where he is captured by a band of renegades and held for ransom for a shipment of Army rifles being transported by the wagon train. She later helps him to escape. GS: Anna Maria Alberghetti, Carlos Romero, Joyce Meadows, William Lundmark, Alan Reynolds, John Goddard. (A) 

12)  The Sister Rita Story (25 Mar 1959): Three nuns are aided by Flint while on their way to Nevada to start an Indian Mission School. Though each finds the ways of the other strange, they develop a deep friendship. The St. Christopher's medal, given to him by Sister Rita, is worn by Flint throughout the rest of the series. GS: Vera Miles, Sylvia Marritt, Frances Bavier, Lalo Rios. (A) 

13)  The Clara Duncan Story (22 Apr 1959): The fiancée and father of a missing artist are traveling west to find him. Aided by Flint and a newspaperman, they discover a painting by the missing man that might put his life in jeopardy. GS: Angie Dickinson, Eduardo Ciannelli, William Reynolds, Robert Clark, Myron Healey, Rusty Lane, Robert Easton. (CH)  

14)  The Duke LeMay Story (29 Apr 1959): LeMay, an escaped convict traveling with the wagon train, kills a deputy sheriff who was tracking him. It is up to Flint to bring LeMay to the nearest fort for justice. GS: Cameron Mitchell, Edward C. Platt, Joan Evans, Terry Kelman. (A)  

15) The Steve Campden Story (13 May 1959): Scouting a pass through the snow blocked mountains; Flint meets Steve Campden and his son. They are all forced to take refuge in a cave. GS: Ben Cooper, Torin Thatcher. (A)

The Third Season

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