110 in the Shade

110 in the Shade, the musical adaptation of Richard Nash's "The Rainmaker," opened on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theater on October 24, 1963 to excellent reviews. John Chapman in the Daily News exclaimed, "Broadway's musical comedy drought is over! A top notch new musical." And Martin Gottfried of Women's Wear Daily said, "This is the kind of show that grabs you at the overture and kicks you right up to the ceiling where you hang around until the final curtain. It's the season's first good musical and it's terrific." Cue followed with "To adequately describe this musical get out your Roget and read every synonym for 'wonderful'. Then turn to 'magic' and check all the synonyms for that one. You have begun to capture the quality of this enchanted night in the theater." The reviews for the stars of the show, Robert Horton, Inga Swenson, and Stephen Douglas, were equally top notch. Gottfried said, "Robert Horton is making his Broadway debut as the rainmaker Starbuck and it's a fine one." While George Oppenheimer from Newsday saw Mr. Horton as "a perfect choice for the rainmaker. He is virile, handsome, and an amazingly accomplished singer." Oppenheimer also found "Stephen Douglass is in excellent form and splendid voice." Rave reviews also went to the leading lady, Inga Swenson. Hobe Martin in Variety said it best when he said, "It's always a thrill to be present at the emergence of a star-and this is one of those rare occasions." Other members of the cast included Will Greer, Steve Roland, Scooter Teague, and introducing the young ingénue, Lesley Ann Warren.
Inga Swenson in front of the Broadhurst Theater on Broadway! Act I

The train station of a drought-stricken Western town-early morning, the beginning of Another Hot Day. In rushes Jim Curry (Scooter Teague) expecting his sister Lizzie (Inga Swenson) on the morning train (Lizzie's Comin' Home). He is joined by older brother Noah (Steve Roland) and father H.C. (Will Greer). Lizzie arrives and confesses that "the trip didn't work." She met lots of eligible men, but....Her menfolk decide to try another plan; they'll invite Sheriff File (Stephen Douglass), the town's most eligible bachelor to the annual picnic. Lizzie imagines how it might be if it all worked out (Love, Don't Turn Away).

In File's office, the Curry men sing Poker Polka trying to lure the sheriff to the picnic. He refuses. Meanwhile, at the park, Lizzie, expecting File, joins in the picnic preparations (Hungry Men). Discovering the truth, she is angry and hurt. Out of nowhere, the fabulous Starbuck (Robert Horton) suddenly appears, announcing that he is a Rainmaker! (Rain Song)
Starbuck in front of his 'Rain Wagon' Robert singing the 'Rain Song'
'You're Not Foolin' Me' Inga Swenson & Stephen Douglass in 'A Man and a Women'
Act II

The picnic pavilion. The townspeople dance and celebrate (Everything Beautiful Happens at Night). Lizzie goes to Starbuck's wagon. He tries to persuade her to adopt a marvelous name and a dream to go with it (Melisande). No, she explains, her dreams are all of Simple Little Things. Starbuck tries to convince her that she is pretty: someday she'll see it in the eyes of the man who loves her. Starbuck kisses her.

Trying of persuade Lizzie to change her name to 'Melisande'
Lizzie (Inga Swenson) singing of 'Simple Little Things' Leslie Ann Warren & Scooter Teague explaining the 'Little Red Hat.
Elsewhere, Jimmy and his girlfriend Snookie (Leslie Ann Warren) explain in song and dance just how he, Jimmy, won her favors (Little Red Hat).
Robert and Inga in the duet 'Is it Really Me?'
Meanwhile, Lizzie, in the arms of Starbuck, sings Is it Really Me? Starbuck confesses that he is a con man and a fake-he has never made rain in his life. Just when he has decided to stay with Lizzie and try living in the real world, File appears with a warrant for Starbuck's arrest. But File is persuaded by all to let Starbuck get away. Starbuck begs Lizzie to flee with him. File, realizing at last that he loves her, asks her to stay with him (Wonderful Music). Lizzie decides to stay with File. Suddenly, miracle of miracles, the rains come! The long drought is over (Finale).
Singing 'Wonderful Music' With Angie Dickinson, after the show on opening night
The Finale

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