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Some good news at last regarding "Wagon Train" on DVD! The complete FIRST season, all 39 episodes on ten disks, is being released by Timeless Media on November 17, 2009! The advance information states that these are digitally re-mastered directly from the original prints from the NBC vaults. You can pre-order on Amazon.com for $71.99 plus tax. I urge everyone to order! If the demand is great, we will hopefully get seasons 2-5 eventually! I know times are financially difficult for many of us, but the Holidays are coming and what better present can we ask?

The website is BACK! Or, more accurately I finally have a "FUNCTIONAL" computer once again! This is my third computer in a little over a year. First my 'old' computer (about three years) crashed beyond redemption. Then, I made a fatal mistake and replaced it with a computer that ran on Windows Vista. BIG, BIG mistake. I normally don't endorse or trash any products on this website, but even though Vista was a Microsoft product, none of my Microsoft programs would run on it, including my website! After a year of frustration, my husband took pity on me and bought me a new computer for our anniversary! BEST gift he could have given me! I am now back in business! 

I have many changes still to make, but I have started updating the Guest Page. I had over 250 messages saved on my email (though copies had been forwarded to Robert), just waiting until I could once again update the site. So folks, I am back in business! Thank you all for your understanding and kind messages during this past year!

Hugs to you all,



Now, the news:

Robert is well and just enjoyed his 85th birthday in July! He claims he's tired and he doubts that he will be making many personal appearances anytime soon. I have also had a number of questions regarding autographed photos and CD's. It had become a bit problematic for both Robert and myself, so until new arrangements can be made, I've suspended that page. Look for it, probably in another format, in the coming months.


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