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With Ward Bond With John McIntyre
Appearing on the cover of TV GUIDE was, and still is, considered quite an honor. Speaking of the first time he appeared on the cover of TV Guide with Ward Bond, Robert said that Ward was a "bit upset" that the picture came out with Robert on the left, so the caption read "Robert Horton and Ward Bond." After years of playing second banana to John Wayne, Bond felt he should have top billing and he wasn't happy that his young co-star was listed first! 
From Australia From Sydney, Australia
Of course Robert's picture has also appeared on the cover of countless local TV listings around the country, in England, and in Australia. And, while not "a cover," he again appeared in TV Guide the week of April 13 -19, 2002, in a look back at the golden age of TV Westerns.
This TV Week from Australia, originally showed Robert with blue eyes!
A Man Called Shenandoah TV Guide, Apr 13-19, 2002

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