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Dec 16, 2002

HI Everyone:

I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year marked by answered prayers and realized dreams!



Happy Holidays and Happy Anniversary to Robert and Marilynn.

With much love,

Fern Clemmer






Dear Mr. Horton,
I'm Norma from North East England. I could scarcely believe my luck in discovering your website having wondered about you through all the years since.  As a child in the fifties when black and white TV was new to us, your role as Flint in Wagon Train was so strong as to be forever etched into the "canon" at an early age for me. Being just a decade and more after the war things were very hard for most families here and there was not much to look forward to. Watching Wagon Train made the world all right and made it possible to believe in dreams. Needless to say mine was one of the thousands of young girls hearts you must have broken then. 

You shone through in the quality of acting amongst some very mediocre peers! I remember being (and remaining even now) furious when friends commented on Rowdy Yates in RAWHIDE on the other channel as a competitor.... the character of which was wooden and pretentious even to a young girl then. I wished you could have gone on to Rawhide in his place and been scout to Gill Favour.

Then suddenly you left. A hero vanished wordlessly and it marked an end of an era for me. From time to time I've tried to find out what happened and over the years came to the conclusion that for someone so good to have left the TV and tinsel you must have found a solid marriage and a good life. Somehow this reinforced everything you seemed to stand for in the role of Flint. I'm so happy to have found this true.

I'm even more delighted to find that a  part of that decision was your voice. Our family has a strong musical and singing interest. I'm sad that I've never heard you sing but will now be able to look for some of your work if it is available in the UK. If you are still singing maybe someone on your staff/fan club could send me venue details, or how to obtain any CD's... and I'd like to save for a very special trip to come and hear you or see you act again.

Having skimmed some of your many, many fan messages I felt almost too embarrassed to add my own words. Hope you don't mind so many of them!
Can I just say a huge thank you and wish you and your wife Marilynn well.

With very best regards


To Robert and Marilynn ,  

A very happy Christmas and New Year, and a very happy 42nd anniversary too.

from Angela  Lacosta,  Corrwall,  England


Hi, Robert and Marilynn. Happy 42nd anniversary! Have a great new year together. 

Richard Campbell


I was just out at Topanga Mall with my wife and 11 year old daughter and I
thought that I had recognized you walking by.  I told my daughter, 'I think
that's Robert Horton'.  Of course at 11, what does she know?  I used to
watch all of your shows and enjoyed them imensley.  I've been a
Professional Wrestler and Actor since 1969 and have had a very good career.
However, it's always a thrill to see someone you recognize.  I get stopped
plenty myself and of course it's always nice to talk to fans, but I just
wanted to pass along that I saw you and you look great.  If you have a
moment, take a look through my website as you'll find it interesting.

I see your Wife's birthday is Mar 5th.  Same as my Dad's.

 Happy Holidays 

I've got two films I'm producing next year, one for Warner Brothers. So,
watch for The Job Squad.


Ric 'The Equalizer'Drasin

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Horton,

    Happy Anniversary and Holiday Blessings! 

    I have been visiting this impressive web site for over a year now, and it's such a pleasure to be able to extend sincere greetings to you both from time to time.

           Warmly, Pat,      



Dear Bob and Marilynn:

     Want to wish you both a lovely Christmas Day, Happy Holidays, and a beautiful 42nd Anniversary with good health and happiness in 2003.
                                                                                Betty Burris


Hello Mr. Horton,
       First of all I want to wish you and your wife the very best on your up coming 42nd anniversary. I have my 39th coming up in June. I have always enjoyed your many talents but don't get to see you around Newport Rhode Island. Do you think you will be doing any work on television in the near future? I just found your web site and like it very much. I am a great TV western Fan and first saw you in Wagon Train with Ward Bond. Great Show! .
God Bless You & Your Family and I wish you the best Christmas and the Happiest New Year Ever!

     Thank You!
     Jim Culipher

Dear Robert and Marilynn:

I hope you have a very Happy 42nd Anniversary and a lovely Christmas and New Year.  Forty-two years is an amazing accomplishment in this day and age.  It takes a lot of hard work to sustain a happy marriage.  My husband and I will be celebrating our 49th anniversary at the same time as yours.  I think the secret of success is to be friends and partners and for each of us to have our own interests and those we share. 

Hereís to many, many more happy and healthy years.

Sincerely, Toby

North Yorkshire, UK


Dear Robert ,

 Thank you for giving us all so much enjoyment with your acting, especially Wagon Train, they were very happy times for me, there was something special about that series, it was a one of a kind! God bless you and your dear wife.

 Regards, Rod Walton,

Retired Police Officer


Wishing you and your wife a healthy and prosperous New Year!  I plan on seeing you in Santa Clarita, CA!  I have another poem for you!

Maggie Riley


I used to enjoy watching Wagon Train when I was a little girl (a long time ago!) It is really heartwarming to see that you have had an outstanding career and I am also glad to see that you have had a good and lasting marriage.  Thank you so much for being such a fine actor and giving me a lot of cherish memories of westerns that I will never forget.  May God richly bless you and your wife.  Carolyn Steppe


 Hi Robert and Marilynn!!

     Merry Christmas!! And Happy Anniversary!!

           Robert you are still such an inspiration! to me!
           I've been married to Debbie for 28 years!
           I tell her all the time that you we're my boyhood
           hero and still are!! We look forward to being married
           for 42 years someday! I don't think I'll ever make it
           to one of your live shows, but I will ALWAYS
           treasure that phone conversation we had! And if
           I can ever help you out in the future with anything
           PLEASE let me know! And, if you ever decide to visit
           Plymouth Ma. to see where it all began, remember you have a personal tour guide!!
              God bless you and Marilynn!!
                Merry Christmas
                  Joe Mc Millan
                  Plymouth Ma.
        And thank you for the Autographs on my TV Guides!!


Dear Robert and Marilynn   

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.  We also want to wish you a very happy 42nd anniversary on the 31st of December.  Congratulations


Greg and Bernice Wiebeck

Palmyra, Nebraska 


Hi Robert, to wish you and Marilynn a fun filled festive season.

I would like to thank you for the Christmas Cards and letters over the past 40 years.

my admiration for you just grows and grows.

I will miss you over in Arizona in March, much to my dismay, I will think of you constantly.

Elizabeth will give you a big hug for me, and will tell me all about it when she returns.

Please take care of yourself, and have a great Christmas.

love to you and Marilynn and Mr. Gable.

Love and best wishes for 2003.

Diana   ( The  Lake  District )


Hi Robert and Marilynn

 Christmas Greetings from Toni.  I do hope you both have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy Wedding Anniversary on the 31st December.

I have a photo of you Robert and I carry it everywhere with me in my handbag and I proudly show other people the photo when I tell them that I am going to America next March to meet you and Marilynn, I am really looking forward to it very much.

Merry Christmas and a very happy prosperous New Year to you both.

Wagons Roll to March!

Love from your loyal fan from Solihull, England.



Hi, Robert and Marilynn,

Whatever you decide to do for your anniversary hope all goes well and you enjoy it. My very best wishes to you both

for the year to come.




Just wanted to say congratulations on forty two years.  We have been married
thirty and last Sunday we celebrated knowing each other for thiry one.  It
goes fast , but it has been a fun ride.  Hope this finds you healthy and
happy and hope to see you in Arizona in March.  Good luck for the new year.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Horton, my name is ECC I don't know if you remember me from 1991, have a great new year.


Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Horton, on your upcoming anniversary.  I am a long-time fan of the "Wagon Train" series.  It was my favorite television show as a child.  As a middle-aged adult, I enjoy it just as much via videotapes of various episodes. 

Richard Boner

Charlotte, N.C.


Dear Robert and Marilynn,

Holiday greetings.  Congratulations on your 42nd wedding anniversary.  A lasting and good marriage is a much more significant achievement than any kind of entertainment industry award.

Robert, thank you for how polite you were to me and the other 50-plus year old teenagers you met in Tombstone.  In particular, thank you for suggesting Tender Warrior: God's Intention for a Man as a book I might want to read.  The author, Stu Weber's choice of Flint McCullough to illustrate the positive attribute of pro-vision, compared wth his use of real people to illustrate other positive attributes, is another indicator about what a strong impression Flint made. 

Merry Christmas


(Austin, TX)    


Hello Mr. Horton,

I am from South Africa and am 26 years of age. I was sitting at work bored
and thought I'll search the web for other people who share my name and up
pops your website! I must be honest and say that I was not familiar with you
or you career. I had a good look at your website now and your are definitely
an inspiration to me when I look at what you have accomplished in your life.
I am proud to share my name with you!

I wish you and your family a fun-filled Christmas and a happy new year!


Robert Horton
Information Administrator


Mr. Horton:

I enjoyed your website very much.  I was particularly impressed that you have enjoyed almost 42 years of marriage to Marilynn.  Congratulations to you both.

I have clear memories of you on "Wagon Train", but my kids know you as Commander Rankin.  "The Green Slime" is a big hit in our family, especially with me and my twin sons.  (My wife of 27 years and the other two older kids won't admit that they like it.)  We get a big kick out of Rankin's "thumbs up" sign and your conflict with Vince.  I also appreciate your attitude toward the movie and your willingness to share it on your website.

I wish you well and hope bigger things are still ahead of you

Gary Luttrell
Kettering, OH

Hi, my name is Angela and I live in the UK.  When I was a young girl I watched Robert as Flint McCullough every week and when he left the series I broke my heart.  In fact I stopped watching Wagon Train altogether!  My bedroom walls were plastered with Flint McCullough posters which I had taken out of magazines and comics.  I have never forgotten Robert and am so pleased to have the chance to let him know how much pleasure he gave me all those years ago.  With love.



Just to say that I was a great fan of Robert Horton and Wagon Train. I am really pleased to see the web sites that have information on both. It is nice to be reminded of the great western era and hopefully this will give me the opportunity to thank one of it's star for giving us so much pleasure in the fifties and sixties.

Thank you, from Arlen Bone

Cheshire, UK


Guten morgen aus Deutschland, Herr Horton!

Good morning from Mainz, Germany.

Its early in the morning and I turned on the television while my wife and daughters are still sleeping.  The American Forces Network (AFN) Europe cable channel is set on Turner Classic Movies and the film "The Green Slim" is just beginning.  I think I missed this one while growing up in Sacramento, California but see that it stars Robert Horton.  I remember Mr. Horton from my youth with his two hit series, "Wagon Train and The Man from Shenandoah."

My father passed away in early 1965 when I was 13 years old.  My mom did a great job in raising me but there was a void with my father no longer living.  So the new television series, "The Man from Shenandoah", made quite an impression on me, a positive one. I think Robert Horton personified all that was good in an adult male and probably affected thousands of young people in the same way as he did me.

As the years have passed I have enjoyed seeing Mr. Horton's films on television and think back to the time a fatherless boy looked to him as a positive role model.  I am happy to see the Mr. Horton and his lovely wife, Marilynn, enjoy a wonderful life together and that he was and is such a success as an actor and genuinely nice person. 

My family and I wish you continued good health, happiness, and success.

Best regards and auf wiedersehen from Deutschland
John D. Bertsch


I wish to extend a very special thank you to the following people:

Diana from Cumbria
Irene from Bradford
Barbara from Lancaster
Toni from Solihull
Elizabeth & Stuart from Lancaster
Ira from London
Linda from Michigan (re: tulips)
Sharon (re: Scottsdale in March)
And, Rebecca K from Oregon
You all know who you are and why I think you're all special!

Dear Robert and Marilyn,
Aloha from Hawaii - across the years (in excess of 30).

Kerry Ovaitt


As a child Robert Horton was my hero.  I'm glad to see him still alive and well.
Excellent actor, and last picture I saw showed him to be still a handsome guy to boot.  A 40th Wedding Anniversary is something to be proud of.
Thanks for the great memories, Bob!!
Jim Gibson
Tampa, FL.

Dear Mr. Horton,

I want to add to what's already been said from some of the women that have sent you emails.  I was 8 when Wagon Train began and right from the beginning I was in love with you - as much as an 8 year old girl can be.  As I got older, you were my fantasy man for many years.  

It's wonderful to hear that you have had a successful marriage and seem to be as nice a man as you are good-looking.  May God Bless You and keep you in the palm of HIS Hands.

Peggy Burghauser

Baltimore, Maryland  

 Dear Mr. Horton,

I always enjoyed seeing you in Wagon Train and The Man called Shenandoah.  You played the parts well.  The song Shenandoah I especially like and would be interested in purchasing the CD "The Man called Shenandoah" if it becomes available.  I never knew what you did when you left TV until recently when I got on your website.  I admire you for your many achievements.  Your website is informative and I visit it often.  Thank you for the memories.  So glad we are able to get videos of Wagon Train and hope to be able to get them for The Man called Shenandoah.  God Bless you and Marilynn.  One of you many loyal fans.

Bernice Wiebeck

Palmyra, NE

Dear Mr. Horton,

I was very pleased to find your website.  I began watching Wagon Train in
1959 when I was 12 years of age and when I saw you as Flint, it was "love
at first sight"! And I have to say you will always be my favourite.  I would
hurry my homework on a Monday evening to see the show and would be most
peeved if you were not in an episode.  I have a lovely picture you which was
centrefold in a girls' magazine of 1959 and I really treasure it.  I often
wondered about you.  I last saw you in an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and
over the years have hoped to see you guest appearing in one of the many US
shows we get in England.

I trust that you are in good health and send my very best wishes to you and
your wife and thanks again for the many happy hours of viewing you have
given me.

Wendy Thomson
Greater Manchester

Hi Alicia

I am a long time RH fan but only just found the website. Brilliant!

I live in the UK and only have tapes of the re-runs of WT on C4 in 1989 - the first three series. Can I get tapes from Columbia House or other sources? I will be writing to them any way to add my voice to get all the WT episodes out, but especially the Shenandoah tapes where I first 'met' Bob.

Best wishes



Hello Robert:

 I see the e-mail generation has got to you too!

Thank you for being a great guy.

 Glad to be a fan of yours

Best wishes to you and Marilynn always.


I have just seen the message about your CD's. I would like to add my name to your list of customers if you are getting more made.



    I will never forget the TV show you were in about a poker game you were playing.  Was it on Alfred Hitchcock Presents or Twilight Zone?  I'd sure appreciate knowing the title and episode number so I can purchase a copy of this wonderful show.  I've always wanted my poker playing husband to see this and would love to get a copy for us to watch.  Your acting was so realistic and genuine.  Also was a fan of Wagon Train way back when.  That was a classic TV show!


Dear Mr. Horton:

I met you a couple of times back in 1960, once at Heathrow airport and
later at the Savoy Hotel.  I have a photo of you at the airport taken
with two girls, also fans, who were there.  You were a little annoyed at
my persistence to meet you then but I was only 14.  I am 56 now.  I read
when I was a kid that you believed that "You could do anything you
wanted if you tried hard enough".  Well it stuck in my mind and I have
always lived by that.  Even today as I am running my first marathon Oct.
13th.  I wanted you to know that you made an impression.  You are a
great actor also and I am pleased to know that you are in good health
and have enjoyed a long and happy marriage.

Vancouver Island, BC  Canada

Dear Mr. Horton,

Iím sending you this message to tell you how much I have enjoyed watching you in the classic TV western series Wagon Train. I thought you did an excellent job of playing your role as Flint McCullough, especially in the action scenes. I think you are a great actor and should be proud of your talents.

Thank you so much for your time, and for being the best part of my growing years.

Terry Hintz

Moses Lake, WA.


 I have been a fan of Mr Hortonís since ......sorry I don't have that many of fingers!!!

I live in the UK and remember Wagon Train and Shenandoah! I would do anything to watch these programmes again. They were both wonderful with him in and so very, very disappointing if he was only a very bit part as in some Wagon Trains. And the records he made. I made a lot of friends in his Fan Club then in the UK. Pearl, Betty and Mary in Scotland. I am so glad I put Robert Horton in my search engine. I still think he is irreplaceable - but unfortunately we don't get any thing on him now over here. I do so wish there was a lot more.  And the musicals - you are to lucky over there!! And we had the meetings like in Tombstone! Lucky you in the US!!!

 Very best wishes and thanks for being a "star"

 Jane (Morriss)


           Having enjoyed your many achievements over the years, it is very interesting to look through your web site. I have wondered many times in viewing your movies etc., what was your Horton lineage?  After retirement, I created a very fulfilling hobby of tracing my Horton Ancestry.  Starting from only my g-grandfather, I have been able to trace my Horton lineage to about 1700 in London England.  We have about 40 Robert Hortonís plus about 2000 others so far.  My g-g-g-grandfather Robert Horton was born in London and christened at St. Sepulchure on Dec 26 1751, the son of Drayton and Ann Horton who lived on Cow Lane.  Robert came to America, in 1769, was in the Rev War in the Virginia Line from Culpeper Co and I recently found documentation that he survived the winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge with General Washington.    I believe that all the Hortonís in America can be traced back to England.  We have a pretty extensive compilation of Roberts descendants.

            Again, we have enjoyed your career and now your web site and would like to extend a Thank You.  If you are ever interested in viewing our Horton site, let me know as it is on the web.  We can get you the address.

                                                     An   Old Fan, Bill Horton    


Dear Mr. Horton,

I particularly liked you in "110 in the Shade" and your rendition of
Melisande (even went back stage after the performance). I still have the
album from the show and need to look for it on CD -- do you think it is

Karen Kier

Dear Robert,

Wow, I just found this site tonight and what a gush of memories have rushed forth over the past two hours! I'm a writing and history teacher now, but if there was one defining television show in my life, then it would be "A Man Called Shenandoah". Great acting, stories, and supporting casts mesmerized that nine year old boy like no other television show has before or since. Having watched "Wagon Train", you became a favorite of mine, so it was with no small amount of happiness when I discovered that you would be returning to series tv in MCS. (That discovery came in August of 1965 when I first saw the ABC commercial heralding the 9/13 premier of the series; the very same commercial clip found on your website. Talk about deja vu!) To this day I can still remember anxiously awaiting the debut of the show. That first episode's opening moments when Shenandoah is discovered, rescued from a driving blizzard, and brought unconscious into town by the bounty hunters grabbed my attention and held it. Was I transfixed. Needless to say, the cancellation of the show was quite a major disappointment, as the show had become a very much anticipated and settling influence in my young life. That show deeply moved me, and has left an indelible mark on me today. Those stories fired my imagination about the West, story writing, and storytelling in general. And in some not-so-small, and lasting way, you and the show continue to have a positive effect on me and, unknowingly to them, my students. Thanks very, very much.


Robert Hartshorn

Eighth Grade Teacher

Warren Middle School

Warren, NJ


P.S.: Please tell me how I can purchase a copy of your cd, "Man Called Shenandoah". Also, Columbia House is getting a letter from me pleading for release of the series in video. From the outpouring of fan support as evidenced on this site, Columbia should seriously consider.



Dear Mr. Horton,

I remember watching all the Wagon Train episodes while in Jr. High.
Still have a 5x7 black and white glossy picture of you I got back then.
My husband and I love Westerns. Still watch all the old ones but wish
there were new Western series on TV.  We wish you good health and

Diane in Clinton

 I just want to give a very big 'thank you' to all my fans who so generously remembered my birthday again this year with such warm wishes and cards! Fans like you have truly made it all worthwhile. 

Most sincerely, Robert Horton


I just found the web site and have been very hopeful for years that "The
Man Called Shennandoah" would be put out on CD. PLease, please, please
have more copies made!!!!!
I would also love to have videos of "A Man called Shennandoah"
especially the episode with Bruce Dern.
Thanks for all the great shows!!!!

Mario Licu, CMT, LMT


Bonjour!  We are your fabulous nieces, (Eveís Daughterís Katie and Carlan.)  We were thoroughly impressed by this phenomenal website.  It was enlightening to see the vast accomplishments of you both.  We adore the both of you, and anticipate continuing our growing relationship.   We wanted to drop you a quick hello and let you know that we were thinking about you. 

 Au revoir,

       Katie and Carlan


Many thanks Mr. Horton for Flint and all the rest, also a belated happy birthday!


II I can only add you are a wonderful actor and gentleman, I wish you belated greetings on your birthday.  Thanks to your character of Flint I am returning back to  school and studying to be a legal assistant. ECC


For years and years I have had the same dream.  Some handsome, raven haired
fellow was dragging himself through wilderness and the look on his face was
positively heart breaking!  The same dream has haunted me since I was a
small child.  I knew that it was from some television show I'd once seen,
but could no more remember names or circumstances to save my life.  I sent
query after query to every station, trying to glean the name of this show! 
No one could help me.  Then, a few weeks ago, I just happened to mention all
of this to my older sister.  Immediately, she recalled that the show was "A
Man Called Shenandoah"!
I looked it up on the web and came across your site, and a very comforting
piece of lost childhood puzzle fell into place.  That a child of 4 could
remember a TV show for so many years, and actually dream about it!  Then, I
heard Mr. Horton sing the title song, and I literally wept, as I sat at my
PC at work.  Why isn't this show on video???  I have checked all the sites I
know!  My younger sister mentioned that she understood why I would have
loved it so much if Mr. Horton played the role with such a lost look in his
eyes as he indicated.  We just wish the networks had written and produced a
final episode where Shenandoah finds himself again, or at least release the
series on video.  Otherwise, in my heart, I will always feel somewhat lost,
along with the man called Shenandoah.
Mr. Horton, you tugged at the heartstrings of a small child, and obviously,
the world as well.  Your singing voice is as familiar to me as that of my
mother or father.  I feel as if you are family.  Thank you for your work.

Kind regards,
Jenny Elliott
New York, NY






Hello Bob, I honesty never thought I'd  have the opportunity to speak with you. Isn't Email wonderful? I've loved westerns all my life and Wagon Train was the best. I remember oh so well, as a little girl, taking one look at Flint and kissing my childhood goodbye!!!!!!!!! . It was never easy though.  Mum and Dad were VERY strict about bedtime.  But kids have their ways and I got hold of a pair of binoculars and whilst listening to the sound track from my parents TV, I watched the action through my bedroom window and into the neighbours house over the road.  Through their window and TV,  via the binoculars I could see everything perfectly. Have a happy life Bob and thank you for making mine better for knowing you.   
                                                              June Bennett





Happy birthday - a few days late!!!! I remember when I first saw you in "Wagon Train."  Wow! I thought - what a good looking man!  I grew up in upstate NY, and me and my friends were crazy about horses and westerns. Needless to say, your show was one we NEVER missed!!!! Thank you so much!!!!



             Happy Birthday!! I really wanted to meet you in Tombstone
             I had the tickets and everything then unexpected problems
            at home came up, I can't thank you enough for taking the
            time that evening a couple of months ago to talk with me on
            the phone! I really enjoyed hearing about your days on my
            favorite show "WAGON TRAIN".
               I know after talking with you that the reason "Flint McCullough"
            was such a success is because you and he are One and the Same!
            NOBODY else could have played that role because you put so much of
            yourself and your values, honesty and integrity into it!
                If you still have my phone number I would love to talk with you
           again and if you ever get to Plymouth, Ma Please look me up and
           I will show you all the sights! Its a Great place to vacation!
           Once again: Thank you!!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
              Your Friend from Plymouth
               Joe Mc Millan


Dear Robert,

                  It's Saturday afternoon, here in Perth, Western Australia, and we're remembering all those fantastic old 50's shows. Of course, Wagon Train was one of the first ones we thought of.
                 Good on you, mate, great show, great memories.
                                         Lorraine and Peter.


Mr. Horton,
I have enjoyed your role as Flint McCullough ever since I began watching Wagon Train as a young girl. You really gave personality to the character Flint.
After reading your biographical sketch of Flint McCullough, I now understand why, and how. No other actor has done this as far as I know. I also enjoyed watching you in the role of Whit McCall on As The World Turns.
When Nick At Nite paid homage to "Sir" Alfred Hitchcock, I enjoyed watching you as an actor portraying different degrees of a character ranging from a tolerant husband of a busy body, to an unfaithful husband who lost both his wife and his lover.
I also saw your cameo role in Murder She Wrote.
Hopefully you will  make a guest appearance once again in the land of Television.
Congratulations to you and your lovely wife Marilynn. It takes a lot to maintain a marriage in Hollywood. Of course, as we all know, behind a successful man stands a hell of a good wife.
Marian Shackleford-Horton


Happy Birthday!
I think of you often.
It's so wonderful to have you on video!
Best wishes and deep affection,

Cindy Little
Santa Maria, CA


   Happy Birthday, Robert! I am a most loyal fan of yours. When I was little, I staged "Wagon Train" episodes in our backyard in Pennsylvania and I always played Flint McCullough - relegating the damsel in distress parts to my little sister. I also loved "Shenandoah".
I think it's high time for a new Wagon Train series, don't you?
    I hope that someday you grant me an interview.
Dianne Bates
Regular contributor to LA TIMES, WHERE LA Magazine and CITY AND SHORE Magazine.

Have enjoyed your work so much.  Thank you!  And I hope this is a great birthday for you.


Virginia Hektor aka MsD


Happy Birthday Robert!!
I wanted to wish you all the best for a happy and healthy birthday.  I hope you are planning on doing something fun!  I hope you received my birthday card.  Hey, when are you planning on taking a trip here to Jacksonville, FL????  Well, again, have a wonderful birthday.  All my best, Lynne Russert


Happy Birthday Bob!

Having been a fan since the 50's, I first tracked you down in Wichita Kansas when you were in 'Girl in My Soup' in 1969. I was 21 and traveled over from England to meet you. You were wonderful to me, giving, as you always do, so much more time and attention to me than I could ever have hoped. We met in London at the Ritz a couple of times in the 70's and when you moved from New York and I left home, we lost touch.

It's GREAT to find this website and to know you're well and happy. I'm 54 now and living in Suffolk on England's east coast. I still sleep with your photo over my bed and I still keep the 'London Palladium' EP by my bedside. Now I've got the most recent photo of you as wallpaper on my computer too!

You are a truly great man and I still love you very much....and lots of love to you too, Marilynn.

And thank you Alicia for setting up this site. It's great to know that all us Horton fans have a home at's an itinerant life being a wagon scout <g>'s good to have somewhere to take your boots off, eat a plate of Charlie's stew and talk about our favourite subject...Robert Horton!

Jan Swanton


Dear Mr. Horton,

I wrote to you the first time when I was in the sixth grade.  '58/'59?
Getting to meet you after the play at Chicago's Drury Lane on 95th street
was one of the big moments of my girlhood.  Still have the autographed
playbill.  I was there the night the air-conditioning for the stage went out
and everyone was melting in their shoes, but persevered!!

My own daughter is grown now and the only film I had to show her was THE
GREEN SLIME.  But we have great fun watching it and she became a second
generation fan!  We were delighted to catch you on Murder She Wrote.

It was so wonderful to find you are now on the web!!  I've searched for news
often.  I am so happy to hear you are still enjoying the ride.

Hope you have a great birthday and many many more!!

Theodora Boyd

Hi Robert,

I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you will have many years to come and good health to you and your wife Marilynn.

 I hope to meet you and your wife Marilynn next year in Scottsdale.

Have a great Birthday and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Your devoted fan from Solihull, England, Toni.


To Robert: Many happy returns from a Scottish fan who has just discovered your website!  I use to be an avid fan of Wagon Train in the 1950`s, and particularly loved Flint.  Love from Kathy


Hello Bob,  I just wanted to say happy birthday for the 29th. I hope you and Marilynn are well. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Tombstone and meeting all your fans as well. I'm not so lucky as I am in the UK.

Think of you often, please take care



Robert: A very happy birthday to you.  This wish comes from the biggest Wagon Train fan in Ohio!  I subscribe to and receive the WT tapes from Columbia House regularly and watch those tapes over and over again.  You certainly were a valuable asset to that program and your interaction with the other characters/cast members is superb, if not actually legendary.  I'm sure it was lots of fun to work with Ward, Frank, and Terry.  It makes me wish i could ride on your train with you and the other guys!  The episodes that centered around your character are excellent!  I'm curious, what was your favorite episode and why?  Again, a very happy birthday to you and may you have many more!!  Doug Hendricks


When I was a boy in the late 1950s my family would gather around the TV to watch Wagon Train. The family values and, at times the religious values, left an imprint on my life. Just in the last few    years I have been able to see reruns of Wagon Train with my family, which we enjoyed very much. I wish you a happy birthday and good health into the future. God bless you and your wife. 

W. David Porter

Hi Robert. I'm a big fan of "A Man Called Shenandoah". Have a great and happy birthday! All the best to you and your wife always. Richard Campbell.


  Happy Birthday Mr. Horton, July 29th is a special day, because  it is my birthday too!  May you have many more, and may you stay in good health.  With great appreciation and Thanks for your Western starring contributions, Flint and Shenandoah are my favorite western characters.  God Bless.  Russ Bilodeau


Happy Birthday, Bob.  Know you and Marilynn have wonderful plans for your "special" day and I hope that day will be special for you in every way possible.

                                                                     Your friend always,
                                                                     Betty in Denver             


Dear Mr. Horton,

    Happy Birthday!  That quote you shared by George Bernard Shaw on the home page most certainly applies to you.  May each candle on your birthday cake further remind you of just how much you have brightened so many lives.


                Pat, Michigan


Mr. Horton,
        Hi!  Will you be doing something this September?  I would love to
stop by and say hello.  I live in the Reseda area of the S.F. Valley.

                        Lisa Betty

Hi Bob, just to wish you a very happy birthday on the 29th, I heard all about your visit to Tombstone wish I was there but living in the Lake district UK it's not easy. I think of you as Flint often and how you filled my childhood with joy and happiness, and now when I visit your web site I am still filled with the warmth of memories of long gone days.

I play your records every day, mostly when I'm on my computer,  they keep me happy and refreshed even after hours on the key board, your voice has a calming and tranquil effect on me, when it comes to Flint McCullough I forget the real world.

 I am still trying to find my long lost friend Joyce Reed from  Burradon  Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK. we loved Wagon Train, and she would be delighted if she found your web site.

Always think about you and the beautiful Marilynn, and hope you are both well.

Have a lovely birthday. Take care and lot's of love

Diana  (The Lake District  UK)   



Dear Robert:

Just wanted to take a moment to wish you a wonderful birthday.
You are a wonderful person and you deserve to have a most happy and pleasant day on your birthday and here hoping you have many more to come.

Your Friend and Fan,
Nancy Platzer
Laurel, Maryland


Especially on your birthday,

May happiness welcome you

where ever you go.

Joann Lassiter, North Carolina



Dear Robert,

 Happy, Happy Birthday!  The first part of this message is to say that I hope you and Marilynn will be able to celebrate your birthday in some happy way.  May the next year of your life be a good one, with more excellent years following. 

Second, I want to thank you for helping me have a joyous weekend at the Tombstone Film Festival.  I traveled to Tombstone for the opportunity to meet you (my favorite entertainer) and to chat with you sometime.  Whenever I interacted with you or observed you in Tombstone your manner was always polite (about being considerate, not about using correct fork), gracious, and congenial.  In particular, at the OK Corral reception, you were very good about letting people take your picture, and helping people get their picture taken next to you. I came home from Tombstone with a great picture of you and me standing next to each other -- a wonderful souvenir of this trip.  You were conscientious about showing up, on-time, with a cheerful disposition, for whatever the festival organizers had put on your schedule.  With absolutely no inside connections,  I was able to sit at the same table as you at the Friday dinner simply by noticing an empty seat and asking to sit in it.  Some of my friends are surprised that I was brave or assertive enough to walk up and make this request, but I couldn't let such a good opportunity just  pass me by.  Your actions showed consideration for other people's feelings. (A Wagon Train parallel is how Flint talked to Andy Devine's five daughters in the Jess McAbbee Story, one of my favorite light episodes.)  

Part Three:  You do look somewhat older than you did forty years ago, but you are still good looking. 

Happy Birthday

Virginia  (Austin, TX)  


Mr. Horton,
Looking through your fine site, I found myself wishing
that I had been around back during the Wagon Train
days.  I'll be sure to post a link to the "original"
Robert Horton from my own site.  Best wishes from yet
another namesake!

Robert Horton 
Glencoe, Illinois


Dear Robert:

I hope that you have a wonderful birthday with good health and peace for the coming years.  In this time of such terrible tension and stress, it is nice to look back on the many, many hours of entertainment you provided in a time when television and films were not so violent and crude. 

The many hours I spent watching your performance on TV, film and on the stage were some of the happiest times I can recall. 

It is nice to know that you have been rewarded for that with a long, happy marriage, many devoted fans and friends and the time to enjoy all of them. 

Living here in England we do not get a chance to see your performances very often, but I do play your albums and reflect on your career as my favorite entertainer.  From the first time I saw you in a live performance on television back in the 50's (Tongue of Silver, remember that?) and meeting you backstage at 110 In the Shade in New York, you have never disappointed in providing pleasure every time.

I hope your lovely wife has recovered from her auto accident and that you and she are able to celebrate your birthday with much joy.

 Sincerely, Toby, North Yorkshire, UK



Just wanted to let you know I got to see the site today. VERY impressive! Let me know when you need another hair cut.   

  See ya soon,

   Bryan  Russo


To Robert Horton:

I always remember you because in Spring of 1959, I was working at the Sahara Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. You used to have rooms there when you were filming in the area. I was a student at Arizona State University. You were great in Wagon Train. I always wondered what you did after that period. I was in the military then and with the war in "NAM going on,  I lost contact on your endeavors. I am also retired in Southern California and have been married to a wonderful person for 41 years.

Woody Nold


Dear Mr. Horton,

    This is such an honor for me to be able to email you. Iím new on the computer, and I always wondered what you were doing, as I am a 47 year-old male, and as a child you were my favorite western star. I have all the Wagon Train videos, and the ones without you are not as exciting. I am an antique toy collector. I have all the Wagon Train guns, holsters and lunch boxes. The only thing I do not have is a Wagon Train rifle that I had when I was a little kid, maybe some day it will pop up on Ebay and I will grab it. As a child I came from an abusive alcoholic father, so to escape from him I would go into my room, strap on the guns and holsters and pretend I was you. Today I council alcoholics and drug addicts. I am very happy to hear that you are well, and I will always be your biggest fan, the biggest thrill of my life would be if you ever did write back. But I know you must be a busy man and would understand if you didnít. Thanks for being there for me as a child and protecting me. 

Gary Mason


Dear Mr. Horton,

I'm eagerly looking forward to meeting you at the Tombstone Film Festival next weekend.

It is my opportunity to personally thank you for enriching my teen-age years and my older years, too, thanks to VCR's and the internet.



Just wanted to let you know i got to see the site today. VERY impressive ! Let me know when you need another hair cut.

                    See ya soon,

                       Bryan  Russo


  It was wonderful reading about you and seeing your pictures again.  As a young boy, I grew up watching Wagon Train and when I was a young man driving a truck, I took the handle Wagon Master because of you and Mr. Ward Bond. 
   Wishing you and your wife well.

    Harold Walker


Dear Mr. Horton:

Just a short note of thanks for all the pleasure you (and a guy named Flint McCullough) gave me as a kid growing up in the fifties.  The westerns of those times were among the best shows that have ever appeared on television.  They embodied the finest human ideals and at the same time gave us a hell of a good time.  We have not seen their like since, nor, I suspect, will we again. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Tombstone Film Festival next month.

My very best wishes,

Bill Altimari, Tucson, Arizona


To Robert Horton

Howdy, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day. I don't know if you
have children. However, you should know that you have been a Father figure
to many of us who were children when Wagon Train was on TV. You were
certainly that to me as a 7 year old who wanted to write a letter to you
asking you to adopt me. Never could find your address back then. Anyway, I
hope to meet you in person one day. My best to you and Marilynn. 

From Mae Augustine, Gilbert, SC 


Dear Mr. Horton,

I thought I would let you know that we are related through Rachel
Christobel Frazier and Elijah Edmund Horton. I live in Salt Lake City,

I remember watching you as Flint McCullough on Wagon Train. My mother
always referred to you as her "kissing cousin". Imagine that!

(NOTE From Editor: For the genealogists out there: Elijah Edmund Horton was Robert's great-grandfather. He was born in England, the son of Edmond [born Leamington, England, 1807], and came to Utah in 1860.) 



Mr. Horton,
I have always enjoyed your characters on television and had the pleasure of looking at some of the last new 300SL's available, which were purchased by the Winston Salem, N. C. authorized dealer and sold over a period of months.  The dealer advised that you had personally bought one of these treasures.  Having been only a college student at the time, I , alas, missed out. Again, many thanks for the quality entertainment provided by your television work.
Charles Creech, Jr.
Charlotte, N. C. 


Mr. Horton,

 I believe I appreciate your character more now than I did at the time Wagon Train was on.  I was a little kid and I only know that I liked western things.  I have, however, come to appreciate your honesty and strength of character.  After enduring the 8 miserable scandal laden years of our former president Clinton, I love the thought that your kind of character and honesty remains in the world.  You were (as I've heard it quoted) simply, the "greatest".
Michael Cooke


Dear Mr. Horton:
As a long time fan I am delighted to see that you are still keeping in touch
with all of us who have had great pleasure from your performances.  Living
in the UK as I have for the past 16 years, I have not had the opportunity to
see any of the reruns of Wagon Train or Shenandoah.  And much to my regret,
we will not be seeing you on May 5th when you appear on the NBC 75th

However, keeping up with your activities on the website is nearly as good as
being able to relive the pleasure of your television performances.  I still
treasure my copies of The Very Thought of You and 110 In The Shade, which I
saw five times.

Best of luck in the future.

Toby W.
North Yorkshire, UK

I have been in love with Flint since the first day I laid eyes on him.

I am so thrilled to have found this information about him. I had a difficult childhood, but Wagon Train and Flint always gave me something to look forward to. At least I had my Friday nights with Flint and nobody could ever take those away.

I still love Flint and I always will. (Anonymous) 


As I'm writing this note, I'm listening to a CD that has your rendition of
the song, "Shenandoah" and I must say that it's a really good one.  I must
apologize because I never realized what a talented singer you are.  I
remember that you sang the title song for your TV program "A Man Called
Shenandoah" but I never investigated any further.  By reading the
information in your Web site, I began to understand your multi-faceted
entertainment background.

I'm writing this letter to you as a person who values your beneficial
portrayal of honest and upstanding characters in your movies and TV
programs.  You are the sort of person who served as a real role model for
me.  I grew up in a poor household but my father was a very honest and
honorable man.  He was a very hard working father who tried his best to take
care of me.  I like to think that he had the same honest and honorable
qualities that you portrayed in your Western characters.  My father was
pretty old when I was born and he had a farming background.  He used to tell
me stories of working with and riding horses and mules.  It was somewhat
hard to intellectually digest this sort of stuff because I grew up in Los
Angeles but he would explain things to me when I had questions about certain
aspects of riding and horse handling.  Anyway, the main reason that I'm
writing to you is to tell you how happy I am to see that you and your wife
are still "above ground" as an older friend of mine is always saying to me.
I hope that you and your wife remain healthy and happy for many, many years
to come.  When I chanced upon your Web site and read the articles about you
and your wife, it really "made my day".   Best wishes.   

Dear Mr. Horton,

Thank you for your great Wagon Train series.  I can't remember what years these were
televised in England but I do know that they played a major role in my
deciding to move to the US.  I moved to NY in the late 60's and then during
those long years knew that I must reach my ultimate goal to move to the
desert.  My husband and I eventually moved out here to Arizona (N Phoenix,
near Cave Creek) during 1996 and we are truly at home here.  My mom, still
traveling at 90 also thinks Arizona is the greatest and watches all the
Westerns she can when back home in England.  Thank you, your series co-stars
and all those great adventures for playing a major role in getting me to
this place I love.
Marilyn Tringali

Good day Mr. Horton...a buddy of mine just told me of your WEB page and it
sure took me back.  I am very pleased to see you doing so well.  I have a
think piece for you...I have an uncle in San Fernando Valley, his name is
Robert (bob) Morris.  He used to be a Linoleum layer, a business he has
passed on to his sons.  Here's a think piece, as I recall he did some
linoleum work on your home, would have been around the time you were on the
Wagon Train show.  I was wondering if you recall this?  Continued success
and best wishes.

John Bowman
Seal Beach, CA

Dear Mr. Horton,

How did the world ever exist without the internet?  I was surfing and remembered a pleasant experience back in the 60's. You were in Indianapolis for , I believe Oklahoma, at an outdoor stage at Butler University called the Hilton U Brown Theatron. You were driving a Ford Thunderbird at the time. I think you said Ford furnished it for some  commercials you did for them.  I was a service manager at Hatfield Ford in Indianapolis where you brought the car for a repair of some sort.  After some conversation you were so kind to offer tickets to the show and said just go to the box office and they would be there in your name. They were and the show was great of course.  So that it can't be said that we were not grateful, a somewhat belated thank you very, very much.      I was reading your bio and was pleased to see your interest in aviation.  I retired from the Air Force Reserve some years ago after a long career in aircraft maintenance.  Good luck, good health and thank you for pleasant memories of the good times some years ago. I can still picture you and Ward Bond. The polite dialog in the script sure wouldn't fly in this day and age which is a sad thing isn't it.

Tom Stephany


Dear Mr.Horton, We are two sisters who live in Australia and we were absolutely thrilled to find your wonderful web page. We have been fans of the early westerns such as The Virginian and Laramie etc, for many years but our two favorite western shows were (and still are) Wagon Train and A Man Called Shenandoah. We would rush home from school every night so we could see you. We would like to thank you very much for your many wonderful performances over the years and we wish you all the best for the future.

 Love from Susannah & Julia  (From Australia).



Dear Mr. Robert Horton, My name is also Robert Horton, and throughout much of my life, when I am introduced people comment "just like Robert Horton the actor".    Now I am always surprised when I look at the phone book and see that there are quite a few Robert Horton's just in Southern California alone.  It might be that we are all named after you! I visited your web-page for the first time today and quite enjoyed it. Thank you,

Robert Horton

Alta Loma, Calif.


Mr. Horton,

I have been a fan of your work since I was a boy (Wagon Train Days).  I am
particularly interested in a film you made with Walter Brennan, Dale
Robertson, Joanne Dru, and Richard Boone titled "Return of the Texan".  It
was based on a book by the famous Texas author Fred Gipson.  The film
reminded me of a story my grandfather told me years ago about a family
member.  I saw the film about 15 years ago on television broadcast by WGN.
Since then, I have tried to find a copy of the movie but it has never been
released on VHS format.  I just wondered if you may know where I may find a

Best Regards,
Jack Weaver
Amarillo, TX

Dear Mr. Horton,

Wow!  When I was searching for a web site I never expected to find one about you - but this is great.  As a child, I couldn't wait to get home from school and watch Trailmaster (is my memory correct? or did I imagine that name?)  - everything else says Wagon Train and nobody I ever talk to remembers Trailmaster - only Wagon Train.  Anyway, you were my hero and I watched many a show!  As a young man, my Dad looked an awful lot like you.  He's battling prostate cancer right now and could use any prayers you have.  By the way, he was a big fan of any western and enjoyed Wagon Train very much.  I'd sure like to see what you look like today. Do you still do any acting?  I must admit I haven't followed your career; but I hope you still act - you're very talented. It would be a thrill to meet you in person or to see you live on stage. This is crazy!   I've never in my life written to any movie star before (and not to Dear Abby either) but here goes.  

Thanks for the memories!!!



My brother  and I grew up watching wagon train. Our cousin John Cason was in Duke Shannon story. Do you remember him?     Regards,   Robert Pelton


Dear Mr. Horton,

Thank you one million times for Flint. What a saving grace for a poor little girl with no friends. I was able to watch wagon train and have dreams to last me a life time.
L. Harris


Happy Birthday Marilynn, I hope you had a wonderful day, I am so sorry this message is late.

All good wishes to a beautiful lady, hoping you and Bob are well, and looking after yourselves.

I think of you both very often out there in that wonderful country USA.

My love to you both and not forgetting Mr. Gable.

Diana  ( The Lake District  UK ) 


To:  Marilynn Horton
        Sunny California

From:  Cindy Little
            Santa Maria, California

Happy birthday, Marilynn!

Birthdays are always a little magical...

Hope you enjoy your special day!


Hi, Marilynn!

Saw Bob's web site and also saw that tomorrow is your birthday! HAPPY

Don't know if you'll remember us, but we shared a cruise on Wind Surf with
you. I STILL owe you a stamp!! You gave me one to use in Rome as we waited at
the hotel for transportation to the ship.

Hope all is well with you and hope that you have a wonderful birthday.

We really enjoyed our time with you. So glad our paths's hoping
they may again!! (Would love to hear from you!!)

Tell Bob that we said hello!

Linda and Jerry Buran


Dear Marilynn,

Love this way of communicating.  I want to add my good wishes to the others, hoping your "special day" is indeed a special one.


     Your friend always,

 Betty Burris


Dear Mrs. Horton,

    I've enjoyed "meeting" you through your section of this web site.  Here's wishing you a wonderful birthday.




Hello Marilynn

I wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you will have a wonderful day with your hubby Robert.

 Love from

 Toni (England)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marilynn !   I would just like to wish you happy birthday.  May today and everyday be filled with wishes come true.  Enjoy yourself.
         All the Best,
            Rosemary Lupp Espe


Dear Marilynn,

Your husband made an excellent choice when he selected you.  Happy Birthday! 



Happy Birthday, Marilynn! Hope you have many more. All the best to you and Robert. Richard Campbell


Dear Marilynn,

Here hoping you have a most wonderful birthday, that will be coming your way very soon, with many more to come,  to a very wonderful and great lady and friend.

                                                   My Very Best Wishies
                                                                With Love Your Friend,
                                                                      Nancy (Baker) Platzer

Dear Marilynn:

May you be blessed by God above,

With lots of happiness and love.

Happy Birthday!

Joann Lassiter  North Carolina


Mr. Horton,
I was so excited when I discovered your web site.  I really
enjoyed watching you on Wagon Train, and yes, I must admit
that you were my first major crush.
Unfortunately, I did not get to see any of your theatre
performances.  I know I would have enjoyed them very much.
I am a lifelong fan.
My best wishes to you and your family.
Linda Simpson

Mr. Horton,

I fondly remember your performances in "A Man Called Shenandoah," one of the best shows ever made. It had special meaning to me because I too wondered from where I came. I have asked Alicia to help me find a CD of your recording of the theme song from your TV show,  which I listened to many times growing up. I used to own it on a record but a tornado destroyed it and I have never been able to find it again. I am now 52 years old in May. You are truly a great actor and your performance I could relate to. I really hope I can get your CD and wishing you a prosperous and healthy life.

An old fan

Charles L. 



Dear Mr. Horton,

I want to wish you and your wife the best on your years together. I had a big crush on you when I watched wagon train. Our family loved that show and the rest of the great actors.  I am now 47 years old and still think you are great.  I haven't seen you since "As the World Turns," but hope you are well.  Thank you for a great show.  

Patti, from Wisconsin


Hello Robert

Hope that you are both well and had a lovely Christmas .  All good wishes for this New Year.  Many many thanks for the lovely desk diary you sent to me, I use this every day so I am able to remember you each day.  Will write to you soon in the meantime all our very best wishes to you both and of course Mr. Gable.  

 Love from Elizabeth Holmes, Kirkham, Preston, England.



Hello Mr. Horton,

These past few years I've come to realize the importance of thanking the television, movie, and music stars who have played a part in our lives.
My name is Sally Barker. I was born in 1954 and remember watching Wagon Train growing up. It was truly a show I loved and touched me in ways that I have just come to know over the past 4 or 5 years. That show always struck me as the time period I should be living in even back then, also back then it didn't seem as far removed as it does now. When you left the show I missed you and constantly watched for you to show up in other placesÖbut didn't see you again until 1970 when you were grand master for the parade for Old West Days in Placerville, California. I didn't live there but was visiting with my cousins who did. I was raised in Virginia and lived there most of my life until 2 years ago when I moved to Yuma. After 1970 I didn't see you again for a long time, until you appeared on As The World Turns for a while. Once again it's been a long time and it dawned on me that I may not see you again. I think we take for granted that the heroes of our youth will always be with us and indeed they are in our hearts. But for all we gain from them seldom do we have the opportunity to tell them thank you.

In 1998 I drove across country and during that trip I took the southern
route instead of the northern one through Colorado that I had taken in
1970. I made the trip in my husband's pick up which doesn't have air
conditioning and it really hit me then about the pioneers, wagon trains, the harshness that Mother Nature holds within her beauty, and how tough things must have been for those who were first settling this area. There is an area called Texas Canyon coming into Arizona from New Mexico and another area just after you leave Ocotillo headed toward Jacumba where the mountains are nothing but rocks that must have been torturous to cross back then. They fought the heat, animals, Natives, and disease to settle a land that gave nothing much in return. During that trip I thought about Wagon Train very oftenÖ and how you would go out to find water, see what mood the Indians were in, what the best passage was, and just how important these things were to those traveling out west back then. Watching you do those things in the show gave me a sense of security when I was a child, as did the remembrance of them as an adult. Growing up there wasn't much security within my home and watching you made a difference. So I want to take this opportunity to thank you for that security, for the visions of the past in the old west and the love of it, and for simply coming into my life through television.

Warmest Blessings,




Dear Mr. Horton,

I use to watch "Wagon Train" when I was young.  Even though they were the reruns.  You were the ONLY reason I would watch the show!  I thought, and still do think, you were incredibly handsome.
My sister is Maggie Riley, the one who wrote the poem about you.  She called me when she received a Christmas card from you.  She was absolutely thrilled!  She told me about your Web site.  I showed your picture to my own 15-year-old daughter.  In her words, "You are so hot!" (I agree!)
  Thank you for sharing your memories on your web site. I know I will
treasure them!

One of your many adoring fans,
Susan Jimenez



Dear Mr. Horton,

You have been the hero of my dreams since the first episodes of Wagon Train....romances have come and gone and am happily married for the second time, but no matter what has gone on in my life, at night I have escaped to Flint---I can't tell you how many different adventures we have shared over the years!   Thank your for many smiling nights!  A Long Islander, and theatergoer, I am sorry I missed you on Broadway---have no idea how that happened!  But now I am wondering how I can get a copy of the ll0 In The Shade score---preferably on a CD, but tape will do---and I suppose I could dig out a record player if I must!  And also, how do I get copies of your albums?  I was so wrapped up in Wagon Train and Flint (and later the soap---wasn't happy when you "died") I missed the whole music thing!  It is time to make up for lost music in my life.  Also---went through the episodes listed for the seasons and have Columbia House ones featuring you (returned the others)---how does one go about purchasing the Available ones?  Know my sister (I really don't understand how you can have been starring in her dreams all these years when you were appearing in mine!!!---and all those other fans, too!!) is interested in the information, too. Thank you for many years of enjoying the show (and I'm glad they can still be enjoyed today) and the dreams.....Pat Duffield, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

ed. note: To answer Pat's questions: there is a CD available for the score of "110 in the Shade," but the only place you can generally find it is on ebay (the record album comes up for sale more frequently and is cheaper). As for his other albums, yes sometimes the records come up for sale on ebay, but at the moment the only way to get a CD of those albums is through Mr. Horton at his personal appearances. Copies of the Wagon Train episodes marked "Available" can be obtained through Megan (go to the Home page and just click on her name). 

My husband and I were just thinking about our favorite television shows and actors, and we thought about you and Wagon Train, then tonight, we were watching an older rerun of Walker Texas Ranger and we both that you were playing the part of an ex-ranger whose daughter was shot in a robbery at a jewelry store, If it wasn't you, than someone else has your voice, I was in the kitchen and when I heard this man speak (Wade was his name on the show) I knew just who I thought it was. We missed the credits, and did not get to see the cast of actors.

 My husband and I miss the good shows like Wagon Train, (our all-time FAVORITE) The Virginian, Rawhide etc. We all miss seeing Flint and the gang. We just wanted to let how mush we liked the show. I hope all is well with you and your family. May God take care of you and bless you always.

Vicki Smith


    Hi Sir,
I told myself that I was going to look you up. Thanks for providing this
forum. Though I was just a boy in 1965,when" Shenandoah" was first
featured, I never forgot that character you played amidst that Western
backdrop. I am a NY native, Long Island ,to be exact. In the late sixties
and beyond, I was to live in and explore the West. Everytime I'd be in a
mountain range, I would here that famous "Shenandoah" song. The seemingly
painful journey of that character, the nomadic nature of it, really got
to me, even as an adolescent.
You and others like you ,provided countless hours of entertainment for
babyboomers.It was like theatre. We owe a lot to you and your
colleagues. Look at the trash that's on today. The actors just gab and
move from one room to the next!
       Thanks for being there; Thinking about the good old days, in the
midst of these national tragedies. Thanks for the words of
inspiration. Life is crazy, but it's exciting! Happy New Year!
Marc J. Rand
New Hyde Park, New York.


Many thanks to all of you for your Christmas Greetings and for your congratulations on our forty-first Wedding Anniversary.

We return the warm thoughts to you all and wish you the best of all in 2002.



Dear Mr. Horton
It was a very pleasant surprise to find your site.
The last time I saw you on TV was on As The World Turns.
Was your character killed off or did you and Lisa divorce?
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
The first time I read an article about you in TV guide you had just married Marilyn.
Alicia Newbauer

My sincere thanks for all the wonderful childhood memories you gave me. I spent many hours along with my Father watching you first in Wagon Train and later in Shenandoah, such happy and less troubled times.
Now as I approach 50 I can look back and know I will keep those memories for the rest of my life.
My very best wishes to you and your Wife.



Dear Robert Horton,
                            I have just found your web-site and had to drop you a line.
   I remember you when I was 6 years old when I had my first school-girl crush. I was so sure I was in love with you! I still watch Wagon Train on the old TV channels and every time I point you out to my children. I have often wondered whatever happened to you and how you were getting on.  I am so glad you are OK.
   I still think of you even though I am a mere 50 years old!
   By a strange coincidence I married a Robert on 29th July. I understand this is your birthday!!!
   All the best in the future,
   Lots of love,
   Adria Semple


A sincere thank you for providing such wonderful memories from the films you
starred in when I was a great deal younger.

Oh happy days,
Keep well and best wishes,
David Newman
Norfolk, England

I hope your New Year has started out happily, and I also wish you a rather belated congratulations on your 41st anniversary.  I now have a computer for the first time, thanks to my son, who took me shopping and helped me choose the perfect one for my needs.  I noticed on your web site that messages may be sent to you, so I'm taking the plunge, hoping my first attempt at an e-mail letter will reach you.  I enjoyed the web site so very much, and seeing all the pictures brought back many memories of your various talents, Bob, and of the enjoyment you gave people in your unforgettable career. 

Your Colorado friend and long-time grateful fan, Betty Burris


Dear Mr. Horton,

    You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to finally find a Web site devoted to you.  I have been a fan since I first saw you on Wagon Train.  You were my first love.  To you I wrote my first fan letter (at six years old) and was rewarded with a photo that remained on my mirror for the longest time.  I had a complete scrapbook devoted to you - every TV Guide article and any magazine that mentioned your name.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful moments you gave me by watching you on the screen and hearing your voice.  I especially loved "A Man Called Shenandoah."  Since it was on past my bed time, I used to sneak down the back stairs and watch you between the door cracks.  (I really think my mom knew but tolerated it - I always scampered back to bed when the show was over.)
    My mom passed away when I was 12, and to help me feel better, my dad special ordered your album "The Very Thought of You."  I treasured that album for many years for two reasons, your voice and that fact that my dad gave it to me.  Unfortunately, my record collection and scrapbook were lost in later years.  For the past 10-15 years, I've looked high and low to replace that ablum (the scrapbook was irreplaceable).  I looked in every flea market or record store I passed that even hinted of records from the Sixties.  By the Grace of God, my daughter-in-law, who knows of my admiration for you, found that album somehow and presented it to me this past year for my birthday. I enjoy it as much today as I did over 35 years ago.  "Summer Green and Winter White" is my favorite song. 
    To this day, if I see your name in the credits of anything, I watch it.  You were and are one of my heroes.  Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the comfort and strength you unknowing provided to me. 

With every good wish,

Karen Bothwell-Bond 


Hi Bob,
I do wish you and Marilynn a healthy and prosperous new year, I do hope you
are well and enjoyed Christmas.
I also hope you had a lovely wedding anniversary, the photograph of you and
Alicia on the WHAT'S NEW page on your web site is stunning, and is one for
the album.
All good wishes for 2002, take care of your self,
lots of love....Diana...from the LAKE  DISTRICT...UK.

Hi Bob

          We met in LA years ago. I was a Boy Scout Executive.

   Have always enjoyed your acting and being one of your namesakes.

  Keep happy.

       Robert (Bob) James Horton


Happy Anniversary to Marilynn and Robert - New Years Eve 

 Love and best wishes Elizabeth and family - Kirkham, Preston England.


Dear Mr. Horton, during the recent holidays there was the original film
shown on TV "Wagonmaster." It got me thinking about Wagon Train, a show I
used to watch over here in England many years ago. So I did a couple of
searches on the Internet and you were there.  I was born in 1952, while the
show was on all of us boys wanted to be Flint McCullough when we played
cowboys and Indians.  You gave me many great memories.  Thanks for the show
and thanks for your character.  I am now 49 with three grown up children.

I often visit the USA, and I would like to wish you and your family a very
Happy 2002.

Best Wishes
Melvyn & Tricia (my wife) Wallis & family


 Merry Christmas , Shenandoah,  and a Happy New Year! Richard Campbell.

Dear Mr. Horton,  

Holiday Greetings and Happy Anniversary to you and Marilynn.  Having just recently joined the internet community, imagine my delight in finding that Flint is alive and well!  What a wonderful website in which to rekindle fond memories of playing cowboys as a little girl in the 3rd grade.  I, of course, would be Flint McCullough and my best friend would be Jess Harper. (I got the better deal.)  This was the beginning for one more loyal fan in following your outstanding singing and acting career.  Thank you for the years of enjoyment you have given through your talents.  

Appreciatively,  Pat , Michigan


 To the most deserving actor in the universe!!! I'm so glad to see a web site dedicated to Robert Horton! And Mr. Gable is lucky to have such a cool adopted mom and dad. I hope that he appreciates them a whole lot.
 Becky K.



First of all, thank you so much for your Christmas card.  After not hearing from you for so long, I was glad to know you're alright and doing well.
Second, thank you for letting me know about this website.  I will look on it often, especially to see if, and when, you will ever be visiting Jacksonville, FL!
I want to wish you and Marilyn and a wonderful anniversary - you both are very lucky to have each other.  And to wish you a happy, safe and healthy Christmas and New Year.
All my best to you.  Please drop me an e-mail if you get a chance.  You know how much I love to hear from you.  Take care of yourself and until I hear from you again......Lynne Russert, Florida

 Happy Anniversary to a most wonderful couple--wishing you all the best!
I was privileged to receive a personal note from my hero, Robert Horton, just yesterday, in answer to my letter to him on Aug.1, 2001.  Needless to say, it has been the highlight of my life!  I had to share it with a lifelong friend, who was with me all those years ago, when I had such a tremendous crush on him, and I knew, would appreciate the enormity of this letter as much as I.  We are elated that he was kind enough to personally reply.  What a great guy--no wonder God has chosen to so richly bless him in his long, glorious life.  Here's to you, Robert and Marilyn Horton!  May you have many, many more ! 

Sharon Schrader, your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Dear Robert and Marilynn
     I just like to wish you both all the very best for Christmas and the new year. And happy Anniversary to you both. I have been a fan since the sixties, and its is nice to send you messages from time to time on the internet.
Love and best wishes  from.

Angela Lacosta, Cornwall, England


Dear Robert & Marilynn,

       Best wishes for a holiday season filled with many blessings and for a wonderful year in 2002.

       Warm and enthusiastic congratulations for your 41st wedding anniversary. You two reaching this milestone makes me both happy for you and proud of you. HURRAY!!

Loyal fan - Virginia

    Dear Mr. Horton:               
       I wish you and your wife a very happy anniversary and a
   Wonderful Christmas!!, You have been my hero since the days
   when I lived in Rockland Ma, about 30 miles South of Boston,
   And watched you on my favorite show "WAGON TRAIN"
   (I know your wife is from Boston) we used to watch you on
   Channel 4 Boston and 10 from Providence every Wednesday at 7;30PM
   My Memories of Christmas growing up on the South Shore of Boston
   are very special!! I remember watching the "Mary Ellen Thomas Story"
   on Christmas eve a Wednesday in 1958, You sang Silent Night!
    This Christmas I'm very far from home and family working in
   Monroe Louisiana at an OLDIES radio station, I have a tape of
   the "Mary Ellen Thomas Story" and when I put it in the VCR I'm
   home again and its 1958!! If you ever get a chance to listen I
   talk about you and your website all the time! I'm on the air
   weekdays from 2-7pm (12-5PM California Time) The station can
   be heard LIVE on the internet at WWW.Q92FM.NET.
    God Bless you and your wife!!!
       Joe Mc Millan
Monroe, Louisiana


Hi Bob,

Came across your web site whilst just browsing and enjoyed reading the up to date info as I have been a fan since the very first episode of Wagon Train- just wanted to say Hello and glad that you are both  fit and well. 
I remember the Royal Command Performance well and also I didn't miss a single episode of Wagon Train, when it came on TV a second time a few years back we actually had VCR's and I taped a couple of episodes - pity we didn't have colour in those days- unfortunately we only had black and white - your Appaloosa Stormy Night would have looked great in colour, as would have the background scenery, always wondered which part of America it was filmed in.
It's been lovely to say Hello and may I take this opportunity of wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Carol Clowes


 Hello Robert,

Now Christmas is just round the corner, I wish you and Marilynn a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, also may I congratulate you and Marilynn on your 41st Wedding Anniversary and I hope you both will have a wonderful day.

Elizabeth Holmes and I still are writing to each other and exchange your photos, your song tapes, etc.  I hope I will be able to meet Elizabeth and her family maybe next year, all being well.

I still watch "Wagon Train" videos now and again, and I always say you are so handsome even you are now, with silver grey hair and your famous smile!  Nothing will make me change my mind about you, never!  I even look at your photos in my own album; I have got about fifty of them!  It brings me a lot of memories and full of nostalgia; you are my first heart throb since I was 13 years old!  Thank you for being you.  It would be lovely if you could come to Birmingham N.E.C. Film Memorabilia in England to sign copies of Flint McCullough photographs.

God bless you both and have a great Christmas.

Your faithful fan from England


Mr. Horton,

My name too is Robert Horton. All of my life I have had many women tell me what a great actor and handsome man you are. I was born in 1962, and all my teachers could remember my name because of you !
 I was recently speaking with a receptionist. When she asked my name she said "Oooh, I remember an actor named Robert Horton."  I told her she was telling her age.
 I hope everything is going well with you. It has been a pleasure sharing your name.


Robert Horton


(The following letter was forwarded to me by Mr. Horton, it has no date, nor does it say where these folks are from, but he wanted it included here)

Dear Mr. Horton,

I think too often in our hurried, fast paced life we live that greatness and kindness are taken for granted and we seldom give a proper "thank you" when we should.

All 16 of your fans here are richer because of your great talent and career and we are proud to have the opportunity to tell you how we feel. We decided that we should let you know a little about ourselves, the loyal sixteen fans that are devoted to your wonderful career. Our group consists of four women and twelve men. We have an accountant, two students, a truck driver, an attorney, a family practice physician, three self employed businessmen, a school teacher, two farmers, and four of us are retired!

We promise not to make ourselves a bother in the future and do really appreciate your kindness and remarkable career. You are truly a wonderful person and we feel honored to be able to share a small part of your life and career by writing to you occasionally and saying "hello"!

In Gratitude,

Your Loyal Fans!


 To Mr.& Mrs. Horton, 

Have a very Merry Christmas and and a Happy and Holy New Year. 

Thank you, Joann Lassiter, North Carolina

May you both have a healthy and happy New Year and a 41st Anniversary.  I hope the new year brings you as much happiness as you have brought to all your fans in the past.
Toby, UK


 Congratulations on your 41st wedding anniversary. All the best to both of you. Way to go, Shenandoah! 

Richard Campbell, PA.

Dear Mr. Horton,

     Brad who wrote a few days ago isn't the only person who appreciates your singing. I bought a copy of your LP "The Man Called Shenandoah" as a college undergraduate  (1964-1967) and still have this record today even though it is warped and some songs don't play well. (I do have a non-warped replacement album.)
     I recently got copies of some of your audio recordings from Megan.  One particularly wonderful song is you singing Shenandoah (traditional words).  This is "hauntingly beautiful." On a rainy Sunday, I compared your Shenandoah with other versions, one by Harry Belafonte, two different versions by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the Kingston Trio "Across the Wide Missouri." Your version is the best; the Kingston Trio is second.
     I also got from Megan a video tape with copies of some of your singing performances. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) is one of my favorite songs, so I was glad to see/hear you singing this on the Ed Sullivan Show.  My ratings for the Impossible Dream are:
* Richard Kiley (Original Cast LP) - Good
* Ed Ames - Much better  (Favorite song on treasured old Ed Ames double LP.)
* Robert Horton - Even better then Ed Ames version
     Your version of "They Call the Wind Maria" is also the best I've ever heard.  You and Marty Robbins both sing El Paso equally well. (I give honest praise, no fake flattery.) 

     Thank you for these songs.



Bob:  I was so happy to get a chance to talk with you in Laughlin so I could see for myself why Alicia thinks you're so special. Looking forward to seeing that picture of you and Robert Fuller on Alicia's site.  (How is it you look younger than Bob?  Perhaps an upright married life v. many years of boys nights out?)  Hope to see you at another show sometime. 
Randy with a "Y", California

[Sorry we couldn't find that 7 watt bulb for your night light.] 

Terrific website.  We just read the whole thing!
xx&oo  Joan & Jean-Paul
PS... you were a much too good-looking John Adams!!!


Dear Mr. Horton,

Please help me clear something up. When I was in the Air Force and stationed in Taiwan in 1974, I was in the base dubbing studio and found a 33 LP that stopped me cold. I recorded the album on Sony cassette tape and enjoyed the very best versions of Mariah, Shenandoah, Ghost Riders, etc I had ever heard. The tape has deteriorated and the music gone. I swear the album had your picture on it and the songs were done by you. I have never been able to find another or any info about it.
Please, did I imagine that album? And if I didn't WHERE the hell can I get a copy? If that was you I listened to a hundred times, thank you for such an effort, your and extraordinary talent.


Brad Smith 


I just discovered this website. Bob , I just wanted to say Hello again... I would love  to see you again . We still  live in :Lansing Michigan. There is a wonderful Professional Theater here called Boarshead. Among those who work with it  is Jeff Daniels  from Chelsea, Michigan.  Please let me know if you received this message.   Hope to hear from you Bob. Rex Sessions


Hi Flint,

I am a fan of yours growing up watching Wagon Train and playing you when I
played cowboys with my friends.  I continued to watch Wagon Train after you
left the series but it wasn't the same as with you and Ward Bond.

I wish you good health and thanks for the great show.

Bud Bearde


Dear Robert Horton

Three friends and I meet up in London every few years and often talk of when
we were 15 and used to watch "Wagon Train" every Monday evening, just to see
you!    We all made belts to match yours and bought suede clothes when we
could afford it.

That was 40 years ago and it was still a thrill to see your photos on your
Web Site.

You gave us great pleasure and we are delighted that you are still well and

With lovely memories
Wendy, Linda, Lin, Val
"The Flintlocks"


Mr. Horton,

I am big fan of Wagon Train and of course Flint McCullough is my favorite character! I missed the show in its first run (I was born in mid 60s), but I take every opportunity to watch the reruns! Especially with all the sadness after September 11, I have enjoyed being able to "escape" with Wagon Train videos. Thank you! I wish you and Mrs. Horton well!

North Carolina

Dear Mr. Horton,
I just found your site on the Web. 
Reading your guest book has brought so many memories back from my childhood. You hold many fond memories for so many people. Westerns were and still are my favourite movies. And of course "Wagon Train" was in my Top Ten and not to be missed. I'd like to thank you for all the pleasure you gave me and my younger brother in the late 50's and 60's and also in more recent years with several reruns of the series. I'd like to congratulate you and Marilyn on your 40th Wedding Anniversary. I would also like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and many, many more of them in the future. 
I will watch this site regularly from now on,
All the best from, 
Dave Bradley - Leicester, England.

Dear Mr. Horton,

Thanks from a little girl now all grown up - who used to wait for the
parents to fall asleep, then hide in the stairwell so I could stay up late
and watch Wagon Train. What a great show - and Flint McCullough was my
favorite character. Now I'm 47 years old but I still remember that great
show and your great contribution. Thanks again!

Best regards,
Carol Schafer

I am so glad I found you on the computer. This is my first computer and still 
learning to work it.
I remember watching you in wagon train and thought you were just great. My
parents took me to see you at the Cow Palace in San Francisco as a child and 
you don't know how happy I was to see you. I have seen everything you were
in. Thank you for all the things you did. 



Dear Mr. Horton,

Just found this site this afternoon. It is a dreary autumn day here in the UK and I couldn't think of anything else to do so I started surfing the net.
One thing led to another and I started typing in names of movies and shows I used to watch when I was younger. I guess that's what they call 'senior moment' these days!!
Anyway, Wagon Train led me to this site...having typed in the name of my boyhood cowboy hero 'Flint McCullough'
Wagon Train was the one programme that my parents allowed me to stay up late to watch. I think it began at 8pm... so 9pm was pretty late for a 10/11 year old to go to bed (at least it WAS in those days) Even then, I was only allowed to watch it if I had done the dishes beforehand!! I'm not saying that because I felt deprived or anything like that. It was just a fact of life. Anyway, I would have done several loads of dishes if it meant getting to watch the show.
You used to epitomize everything that I wanted to be ...this brave, handsome, honest man who was always off on some adventure or another. In those days we played cowboys and Indians a lot and I insisted that I was going to be Flint...regardless of whether or not a wagon train was involved in that week's adventure! I guess it was safer to play out in those days than it is now, but we used to 'entertain' ourselves for hours with these imaginary adventure games.
You'll never know how much I used to wish at nights that I could really be transported onto the Wagon Train with you and that we would be involved in the greatest adventure of all... together!
Anyway, enough of the trip down memory lane. I just wanted to say 'hi' and thanks for the hours of endless pleasure you provided for me back in the 50's/60's
I hope that you and yours are well.
Take care.
Kind regards,
Phil Cutler

It is good to occasionally take time to stop and say thank you.
 Thank you for providing me with many hours of entertainment pleasure.
 Thank you for a long history of being polite and gracious to your fans.
For example, you sent me a very nice note after I wrote you when you performed in my city (Austin, TX) about 15 years ago. I liked the letter from the person who 
remembered you tipping your hat to him and his grandmother when you were performing Oklahoma 35 years ago. 
Thank you for NOT getting your name in the paper doing any of the inappropriate
things we sometimes read about entertainers and athletes doing.
 Thank you for being an example of maturing with grace, and dignity, and exuberance. 

Dear Mr. Horton.
I am so happy to here that you are alive and well. I enjoyed seeing the Wagon Train marathon on TVLAND. It reminded me of my childhood and how I loved that show. The old days of family gathering around the television to watch a special program together rarely exists. Thank you for being such a fond memory.




Like so many others who have signed this "guest book", I regard Flint McCullough as my first true crush. He was so much more appealing than the boys my own age! My mother always liked him, too, so we watched "Wagon Train/Major Adams" together. I only wish I could lay my hands on some of the episodes on videotape. Watching them here and there in reruns always takes me back to my youth. But I also enjoy the show for itself - there were some good stories among the episodes.

At any rate, though I'm a happily married woman, I will always have a special place in my heart for "Flint". Thanks, Mr. Horton, for the pleasure you have brought to my life. - Gail B. 

One of your fans since I was a kid. (Born 1950)Watched Wagon Train faithfully and loved your character Flint and also Old Charley. Enjoyed watching you drive those new Ford convertibles down those twisting mountain roads. Ford convertibles were "your kind of car"! I have collected T-Birds for the last 11 years and fell in love with the "square" 'Birds when I saw you drive a convertible model in a Ford commercial. Besides the cars, I also remember watching you in a a western titled APACHE WAR SMOKE with Gilbert Roland. Mr. Horton, thanks for all the good memories and character roles. Health and happiness to you and your family.
Dale Komives


Hi Bob (Sept 4 01) hope you had a very happy and healthy birthday, and I hope 
this message finds you and Marilynn well. I'm awaiting the next rerun of Wagon 
Train, I already have quiet a few of the episodes on video, my favorite being 
"The Sara Drummond Story" which I believe is on the wanted list of videos. A 
message to other fans of yours I would be greatful if any one can tell me 
what happened at the end of "The Annie Griffith Story"? Also awaiting the 
rerun of Rawhide, what ever happened to the actor "ERIC FLEMING" I believe he died on his own stunts "ANY ONE KNOW?
Thank you Mr Horton for the wonderful memories i will always remember
All my love to you and the beautiful Marilyn
always on my mind Diana Daniels Walney Island CUMBIRA U.K.
Thanks to Alicia

I have enjoyed going through the website. I am a friend of Alicia. I always did like Wagon Train and now that I know you have a Black Standard Poodle know you have good taste also. We have a Black Standard Poodle, and this is our 6th Standard Poodle. They are great dogs. My husband also had antique cars for many years, and the kind that could be driven in parades. I think he took a Model A Ford to a show once or twice but he had driveable cars. 

Marilyn Zimmer

Mr. Horton: 

 Thank you so much for hundreds of hours of enjoyment you provided to me as a child growing up watching Wagon Train. I thought I was the only one who had a first crush on Flint McCullough, but reading the comments here, I see I wasn't alone! I wish there was a show like Wagon Train on television today and more than anything, I wish you were starring on it! We need more family-oriented shows like Wagon Train! I hope others who read this site will lobby TV Land to begin to show Wagon Train on a regular basis. I so enjoyed watching the Western Fandemonium weekend on TV Land this past weekend remembering how wonderful the show was and how much I have missed it!

Please keep us updated on your personal appearances. If anybody knows whether any Robert Horton or Wagon Train licensed merchandise can be purchased (other than through Ebay) or if copies of all episodes are available for purchase on videotape, I would be interested. Best wishes to you on your birthday and belatedly to you and Marilyn on your anniversary. May you both have many more wonderful years of trail rides together in the future! Kind regards!
Susan, New Hampshire

Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I have enjoyed you in Wagon Train and now have the chance for my children to know Flint McCullough through the TV Land reruns. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life. Thank you for sharing your life in pictures and with the web site. 

 Linda O'Dell, AR

Belated happy birthday! What a treat this past weekend to see old episodes of Wagon Train. When I was growing up, Wagon Train was my favorite show. I wouldn't miss an episode. I guess you could say as an 8-year old, Flint McCullough was my first "crush"!! I wish TV Land would begin to run the show regularly. Television needs more westerns! Please keep us updated on your appearances. May you have many more wonderful years ahead with Marilyn!



 I enjoyed your web site very much. Like many other "Baby Boomers" I grew up watching Wagon Train, one of my favorite shows. In fact I am watching it right now on TV Land.
Best of luck to you and your family,
Chuck Tyrrell
Walla Walla, WA.

 Hi Robert,

I am currently watching TV Land goes West. I am watching one of your episodes as Flint McCullough. I enjoy watching those today. At the time when they were live episodes I was too young to understand them. I guess that means that showing reruns later years have a purpose. By the way your birthday is a coincidence. My dads birthday is July 29, 1923. He is still alive and healthy. My parents just celebrated their Golden Anniversary last year. Since you are only on your 40th that would mean you must be younger than my dad. I hope your 40th anniversary goes well.
I also looked up Ward Bond who played Major Adams but my computer told me he died when I was still a small child. He is only 6 years younger than my grandfather. You both did a very interesting TV Series and I hope they continue to show some more episodes. That's all I have to say for now. Again, I hope your 40th anniversary goes well and I will still be wondering when I can think about my first year. I probably won't hear back from you since hearing from a celebrity is about as easy hearing from the President of the United States, but regardless of that I want to thank you for your time.

Mike, Texas

Dear Robert Horton,
I would like you to send me what information you have got available on CDs LPs tapes and videos and about yourself Robert Horton.
Thanks, yours sincerely George Albert Smith
Boston, England
PS By the way, is there a box set or double CD out or coming out in the near future with most recordings of what you have done. I can remember when you did your own television show on the Saturday night in the 1950's - is it out on video? Have you got the biography out all about your life story and information all about yourself, please and thank you. I can also remember when Wagon Train used to be on television with you and Ward Bond on the Monday night - is that coming out on video or is it already out?
Many thanks for your kindness, once again I hope to hear from you in the near future, thanks, G.A.


 Mr. Horton, Belated birthday wishes. TV Land is running some episodes of Wagon Train, Saturday Morning. I can't wait to see Flint riding in the saddle again. Best Wishes!

 Skip, Ohio


 Dear Mr. Horton,
Even though I missed your birthday, I still want to wish you a very happy belated one and many, many more future ones. I have been a fan of yours since the wagon train days and to me there never was another scout to take your place. The best of health and life to you and yours.
Lewis D. Lingenfelter

Dear Mr. Horton,

There's no way you remember this, but you did something some years back that I thought was very classy. When I was about thirteen years old (this would be about 1966), my grandmother and I went to see you and your wife Marilyn in Oklahoma at the Houston Music Theatre. You may remember that this theatre was in the round and you and the other actors would make entrances and exits through the aisles. We had front row seats but there was some kind of mix-up with our tickets. To accomodate us, they seated my grandmother (who was wheelchair bound) and me at the very back of the theatre, beyond the back aisle which circled the theatre. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. However, at one point in the show, you made an exit and circled the back aisle. As you approached us, you tipped your hat to us--totally in character. After the disappointment of the seating situation, we were thrilled that you acknowledged us. I didn't stop talking about it for days. As I say, you wouldn't remember it, but that small gesture meant the world to me and my grandmother.
I'm glad I ran across this site, it's been a lot of fun. All the best to you and Marilyn.

Brown Furlow
New York


Dear Mr. Horton,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May everything about your day and the coming year be better than you could imagine! Thanks for all the hours of great entertainment and so many dreams to dream. I want to share with you that my daughter is the fourth generation of Wagon Train fans in our family. I use to watch Wagon Train with my grandmother and mother, who were both big fans of yours and Wagon Train. When my daughter was ill a couple of years ago she borrowed my Wagon Train tapes and she was hooked and is now a self-proclaimed fan of Flint's. Four generations of our family have enjoyed Wagon Train more than any other television program. I know if my family were here they would join me in extending our love and prayers to you and wishing you a wonderful birthday. May the Lord bless you today and thru eternity.

From a long time fan of yours,

Alinda Headley



I've just found this site & think its brilliant! I truly thought I was the only Robert Horton fan left, how wrong could I be!

He was my first hero on TV and I was lucky enough to see him in 1961 at Lewisham Odeon where he was appearing with his then new wife, Marilynn, they sang some duets & were marvellous. He handled a heckler in the audience with politeness & humour that shut the heckler up good.

I'll watch this site regularly now, thank you site makers & thank you Mr. Horton for being you.

Stella Dorey


Hi, found the episode guide on your new site, it's great. I'd really love to get all 34 episodes of A MAN CALLED SHENANDOAH on VHS. I saw that show in 1st grade and I still remember it! TNT ran 28 episodes in the '90's, but they never ran all 34. I must have asked TNT (and other channels, like TBS, TVL, NIK and WESTERN CH.) a hundred times to show MAN, but they never do. If Mr. Horton is really reading this, I'd like to thank him for doing the MAN series, and his acting and singing in it is truly haunting. I have his SHENANDOAH theme on a TV cowboy CD. Mr. Horton, thank you for being the best actor ever. And, I really hope to get SHENANDOAH on VHS. Any price would be an honor to pay to re-see these TV gems! Thank you. Richard Campbell.


 Wagon Train left a lifelong impression. I had to watch it through the crack in the living room door as it featured after my bedtime. born 1950. I have just bought 3 wagon train books via the web and a shop in N. E. England. On holidays in Spain bought a model wagon in Nerja. Why? well, possibly because I've been tracing my family tree from Wales circa 1750. My namesake went to America, but I have no details. 2 yrs ago I put out a trace on the net and heard nothing until June when an unknown distant cousin e-mailed from New Zealand with details of family unknown to me in Ohio and also Seattle. How did they get from Ohio to Seattle. My money is on Wagon Train. I await more detail. Regards to you. Channel 4 here, reran all of Wagon Train some years ago, am awaiting more. A big thrill for me as a kid in Wales was performing as Flint - it is the name of a county in Wales, during our patron saint's day festival known as an Eisteddfod that's Welsh for chair, the prize performance is rewarded with an ornate chair like a throne. Stood me in good stead as I do occasional TV and film extra work here in Scotland . Kind regards hope to see you in some productions.
David Rees, Scotland


Dear Mr. Horton,

 Many many more years of health and happiness. And many thanks for the happy hours of entertainment you have given us.

Toby, UK


 Belated greetings for your birthday. Hope you had a great day and that 
you have many more ahead. God bless, from your devoted fan, Fran

  Happy Birthday Bob. Sorry it's a bit late, but I hope you enjoyed your day. 
I've never written to you before, never joined your fan club all those years ago, but since I was 12 and glued to the black and white TV on Monday evenings watching Wagon Train I haven't changed my mind - you're terrific. These days I can watch the re-runs on video - what I'd have given for that in '58. And this internet site is just great - I'm so glad I found it - what memories!
With Love and thanks,
Susan, England

Dear Mr. Horton,

 Hope you had a wonderful birthday. 
Which co-star on Wagon Train proved to be the easiest to work with?
 Sherrie Harvey


I do hope you had a particularly special birthday and that it augurs a year
of inner and outer magical moments at random but regular frequency.
Special Oz wishes
Adelaide, Australia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. HORTON ! May I also take this opportunity to let you know how much enjoyment you have given me through your acting for all these years. I lost my heart to you when you first rode onto my television screen as Flint. You shall always remain my hero. May you have many more wonderful birthdays.
All the best,
Ro Espe, Washington State


Happy Birthday to my favorite cowboy!
Hope you have a wonderful day . . . and don't concern yourself with aging! 
Just enjoy the wonderful perspective that our years provide, and cherish your 
many, many happy memories. "As old books are best to read and old wine best 
to drink, so are old friends the best to know." As with these, you are only getting 
Love from your fan,
Linda King

Happy Birthday, Robert Horton!! 

I'm going to celebrate your birthday by watching Robert Horton videos
and playing my Robert Horton CDs in the car. I know it's going to
be a good day!
I'm going to just think of you all day and love every minute of it!
Best wishes and warmest regards...

Cindy Little
Santa Maria, CA

PS: I saw you in person in Laughlin this past November and I am still thrilled! 

Dear Robert

Wishing you a Happy Birthday

Love Maureen, England

 Dear Robert,
Many Happy Returns of the day and have a wonderful day!
Love and Best Wishes. 

Angela Lacosta, England


Dear Robert

Many happy returns of the day! You were my very first crush way back in the Wagon Train days and I was so pleased to find your website. I have many Wagon Train tapes and my sixteen year old daughter thinks Flint was gorgeous too! Have a great day!
Jean Black - Surrey, England. 

I wish you all the best. Thank You for being a part of my life
as Flint McCullough on Wagon Train, I know I'm a better person
because of your ideals on that show!!
Thank you
and once again HAPPY Birthday!!


 Happy birthday Robert! All my very best wishes to you and continued happiness for the future. I'm still your number one fan after all these years!
Maureen Oldham


Dear Mr. Horton, May I wish you a very happy Birthday and best wishes for the future.
Thanks for a great web site and for bringing this British fan up to date on your career.

B MCGUIRE, England


Bob: God bless you on your birthday and in the coming year with every happiness.
May you ride many more Happy Trails. Best wishes to my favorite cowboy from the days of Wagon Train.

Nancy Chitty
Weston MO


Dear Robert,

We wish you a Happy, Healthy, Wonderful Birthday, with many, many more to come!

Most sincerely, Alicia and Megan


Dear Robert, Wishing you a very happy birthday. Always wanted to send you a birthday card but never knew where to send it. Better late than never. Have a great day. Will love you always.

Marian Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Hello Robert,

I wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you will have a wonderful day. I will be thinking of you and Marilynn. God bless and take care.

Your loyal fan from England.


Dear Mr. Horton:

I was so excited to find a website dedicated to you! I have seen "Wagon Train" in reruns over the years and still enjoy them today. Even though I was born in the late 50's, you still caught my eye as I grew up, and I have always wanted to see you in other shows. 

I had no idea that you have such a wonderful singing voice until I played the clips associated with your website. I may have problems finding any of your albums, but I plan to look for them.

Thanks for all the great roles you have played. I wish you and your wife many more years of blissful marriage and good health!

Sandy Hendrix

Happy Birthday this coming Sunday!!!....May the birds continue to sing sweeter with each passing day......paloma


Dear Mr. Horton,

Congratulations to you and Marilynn for your 40th wedding anniversary. I know I am six months late, but this is a wonderful achievement, worth continuing to celebrate everyday.
Aim for a 50th anniversary. This might be possible with good health habits and some good luck.
Since I am late with my anniversary wishes, I'll be early and wish you Happy Birthday next Sunday July 29. 
I was able to see you perform in person one time. This was in Holy Ghosts at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX, in the spring of 1988.

(A fan from Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.) 

Dear Bob,

When I told my son about the web site on your life and career, he clicked it on for me. I think it is just fabulous from beginning to end and so deserved in every aspect of your career. I know for a fact that a multitude of people will be so glad to know about you at the present time and to review all of what you have accomplished through the years.
My sincere congratulations to your two fans who gathered all of the information together and provided such a marvelous tribute to you. 
As ever, your friend, Betty Burris


Dear Mr. Horton, My name is Sally Davis, and I live in Springerville, Az. I have been a great fan of yours ever since I was a kid. I grew up on a small ranch, and getting TV was a big deal to us kids, and of course Wagon Train was a real winner with us. I became acquainted with Maggie , and we grew to be real friends. She held you in the highest regard until the day she died. I of course was thrilled to be friends with someone that had known you. I was glad to hear that someone we had liked very much from the world of Hollywood, was actually a "Good Guy." You hear so many horror stories about how fake and unappealing and egotistical so many actors and actresses are. I am glad to have come across this web site, and to hear that you are doing well. Thanks for all the wonderful times you created for all of us . Sally Davis

Hello Mr. Robert Horton.
I came across this web site by typing your name into Alta Vista search engine.
You bring back many fond memories. I grew up watching you on Wagon Train and I've seen several of your movies. I wondered what had happened to you. You have a marvelous voice. Have a great life and thanks again for the memories.
My age is 58, H.J. Van Den Bosch , Richmond B.C. Canada.

Hello, it was so good to find this site dedicated to Robert Horton. I remember ducking out of Girl Guides so I wouldn't miss Wagon Train or to be more precise 'Flint'.

The site is excellent and I look forward to checking in from time to time.

Best wishes to Robert and Mrs. Horton. Also many happy returns for the 29th July (same birthday as my Mother)

Warm regards
Maureen Campbell

Mr. Horton,
I am 61 and so I was there when you did all those "Wagon Train" episodes. I found out about your website when I was reading through a magazine I subscribe to called "Western Clippings".
I remember a long time ago in an interview when you said that as a youngster you was chubby (kinder word than "fat") but through determination got it off and kept it off. 
Your wife certainly is a beautiful woman. She looks quite a bit like the actress Joan Collins. Do you have an album I could purchase. I didn't see anywhere on the site where I could buy an autographed picture of you. Do you have one? I wish they would rerun "Wagon Train".
There was one episode featuring Charlie where you all were up in Donner Pass and the ghost of a little girl came to Charlie's wagon and was kind of trapped in the world although she was a spirit. Do you recall that one? That really stuck in my mind. Pax movie channels play "Big Valley" and "Bonanza" all the time. I wish they would play "Wagon Train". I don't want to talk your leg off so I'll quit now, but Wagon Train wouldn't have been a success without "Flint McCullough". Take Care.
A Fan Of Yours
Clint Mitchell

Hello Robert and family,
Just a quick note to say how thrilled I was to see a website dedicated to you. I remember well the night you appeared at the London Palladium and how great it was to see you singing "Oh What A Beautiful Morning".
Please accept my best wishes to you and your wife, and warm regards for now.
Sincerely yours,

Hello, I just wanted to say how pleased I am to have come across this site
on Robert Horton. As a 14 year old schoolgirl in the late fifties, he was
my very first TV "crush" (as Flint in Wagon Train).

Well done with the site! Keep up the good work, and the very best of luck
to Robert Horton and Mrs. Horton.

All the best from
Anne Shilton


Just wanted to write a short note of praise for the ladies who run your website. I enjoyed all the pictures, facts and especially hearing you sing the theme song. Thank you all. Mike Shinn, Lancaster, CA


My TV heroes when I was a child were Flint McCullough and Jess Harper
(Laramie). They're STILL my heroes.
I'm delighted that I found this site and I wish Mr. Horton the best, because
he certainly entertained me every Wednesday night
on "Wagon Train"!!


Hi Bob,
This is from Diana in the Lake District, UK. This is my first time on the internet & I am delighted to be able to send you a message at last! 

Hope you & Marilynn are well. I'm still on cloud nine from our telephone conversation last year as it was a dream come true. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to visit the states & meet you in person. Until then, take care of the both of you & love to Mr. Gables.

Love always

Dear Mr. Horton
Hang on! This doesn't sound right. I'd better begin again.
Hi Bob
I have been an avid fan of yours for 44 years and everyone who has ever known me in that time knows all I Know about you.
An incident happened only 3 weeks ago when a friend's husband was visiting my home. Not knowing who you are we made him watch an episode of Wagon Train on video.
By the way, this is the very first e-mail
I have ever sent.
Will always love you.
Marian Grant
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England


Dear Robert & Marilynn,
I couldn't be more pleased when I found out from Alicia 
of your recent trip. I'm still pestering my hubby for my 
cruise. He considers going down the river in a raft and 
getting me stuck in the bushes fun. That was not my idea 
of a cruise.
I wish you a good time in Ohio and wish I could be there 
Not to get too mushy, you have no idea how much pleasure 
you have given me in your career.
Keep in good health

I have met Mrs. Marilynn Horton and she made an indelible
impression on me.
A woman who you love at first sight.
I enjoy this website very much, and I want to congratulate the persons who made this.
Ellen Koenders
The Netherlands.

What a delightful and memory-filled web site. I was six years old when Flint left the wagon train, but I got to play him in all of our make-believe wagon trains as a kid.

Wagon train was my first memory of TV that I watched and enjoyed, and I always looked forward for the certain quality that the show had when Flint was on the show.

My hats off to the creators of this web site for bringing some warm nostalgia to an early fan, whose enthusiasm probably did not compare to my 8 years older sister who swooned everytime the scout rode in on his beautiful horse.

Don Parker
Camarillo, CA


Dear Mr. Horton:
I am probably one of your oldest fans, not necessarily in age, but I remember the first time I saw you was in Tongue of Silver on one of the early Playhouse series back in the 50's. Subsequently I have seen nearly everything in which you have appeared. 

I went to the Philadelphia tryout of 110 In The Shade twice. One evening, my friend and I were walking from the theatre to a nearby delicatessen and we chatted with you. You had your lovely standard chocolate poodle, Jaime, with you. You were very sweet and very interested in wanting to know what we thought of the play. Later I wrote you my one and only fan letter telling you that I thought the character in Tongue of Silver was very much like Starbuck and you answered in return mail from the Broadhurst Theatre, agreeing with me, and said if we were coming to New York, to stop back stage. I did bring my two little girls and you spent time talking to them and showing them how the technical aspects of the show worked, including how you made it rain. They never forgot that. I did get to see 110 five times in all. Also saw you and Mrs. Horton in Catch Me If You Can in Atlanta on my birthday, which was one of the best treats I have ever had. 

I have your records and enjoy them as much as I did when I first bought them. My particular favorite song was P.S. I Love You. That is the best rendition I have ever heard. I also still play my original 110 In The Shade album. 

Now that I am living in the UK we don't have much opportunity to see any reruns, but I always check the TV guide to see what I can find. You gave me and millions of others so much pleasure with your talent and I am delighted to know that you are enjoying your life and your long marriage. 

Mrs. Toby Wolfe
North Yorkshire, UK

Dear Robert: It was a dream come true to meet you last November at the Western
Stars Extravaganza in Laughlin. I fell in love with you as Flint McCullough
when I was a young teen watching you on TV in England in the late 50's, early
60's. I never gave up on my dream! You are as charming in person as I imagined
you would be. God bless. From Frances

Dear MRS. Horton, 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! And I just want to say again, you are a SAINT for putting up with all of us fans for all these years! You are one terrific lady!

Sincerely, Alicia


Sorry Robert this is not for you, but for all the British fans that see this fabulous web site please contact me at my daughters e-mail address, especially Toni who was at the Birmingham Hipperdrome in 1961.
Elizabeth Holmes
Secretary British Fan Club 1958 - onwards

Dear Mrs. Horton

0n behalf of Robert's British fans I would like to thank you for looking after and caring for your husband (my handsome hero!) Robert for the last 40 years. I hope you and Robert had a very happy day on your 40th wedding anniversary. God Bless you both.

I am pleased to say that I am waiting for a parcel of the C.D. called "110 to the Shade" it is being shipped from America and I am looking forward to listening the songs.

May I wish you a very happy birthday and have a wonderful time on the 5th of March.

With best wishes from

Toni (England)

Hello Mr. Horton,
Thank you for all the great roles. I hope you are well and take care.
Charlie, Tennessee 

Thanks to Alicia I found this web-site when she learned you would be our guest at the 2001 Hopalong Cassidy Festival in Cambridge, Ohio on May 4th and May 5th. We're delighted that you will be sharing fond memories with Sue Anne Langdon. This evening she was telling me about your great work with her in OKLAHOMA and volunteered to sing with you at our show. We're hoping your fans can make the trip to Cambridge, Ohio.
Have a HOPPY day. Laura Bates, Ohio


Thanks Bob,
for being part of my wonderful childhood. Are you still in the Biz or have you totally retired?

Patrick Patton, England


Dear Mr. Horton - Can't tell you how delighted I was to find a web site devoted to you and your many talents. A friend of mine and I have wondered for many years now what you have been doing (not getting much of your work shown over here) and now, thanks to this marvellous site are up-to-date. Thank you for all the pleasure your work has given us over the years (especially 110 IN THE SHADE and your other record albums that are a prized part of our collections).

Hope you and yours have a happy and healthy 2001.

Terry Wardrope, Scotland

Hello there Robert, I have been asking or begging my friends to look you up on the internet for ages and at last I have found you. You were my hero I never missed an episode of Wagon Train. Hope you are keeping well and I am so glad I have found you at last after forty odd years of wondering and thinking about what your up to and what you are doing!

Love from your 'number one' fan Rita, Great Britain xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Horton,

I wish you both a happy and love filled 40th Anniversary on Dec 31, 2000! Forty years of sharing, forty years of caring! How wonderful and blessed you both are to have one another! I wish you both continued joy and good health!

Most sincerely, Alicia


Happy 40th Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Horton

You have shown us that true love really does exist and that we shouldn't
give up until we find it.

May you continue to have a loving and joyful life together. 

Best wishes,


Dear Sir: I am elated to find a website devoted to you. I too, am one of your "50's Fans"...watched Wagon Train faithfully as a little girl in a rural setting with a new TV! and you were "IT"! Moreover, I told all my little classmates I was your cousin! ;) Well, 40+ years later, I am STILL telling it, BUT am now trying to prove I was not fibbing!  I am hoping I can! It is great to know you are alive and well; and able to enjoy the marvelous memories of your MOST impressive career in Theater Arts! You had true talent. My grandson was born on a July 29. Happy belated anniversary wishes! And your website: it is a great gift to your numerous fans, thanks to one named Alicia! God bless you and yours!  
Betty in Louisville, KY


Dear Mr. Horton, 

"Wagon Train" was my favorite show. I watched it religiously as a kid in Montana. Great ensemble playing.
I'm curious what it was like working with Ward Bond. As I understand it, he was very conservative. Anyway, thanks for those memories.
All the best - Kennon Baird (another 50-ish boomer). Fremont, CA


Dear Mr. Horton;
Merry Christmas and Happy 4Oth anniversary
I've been married for 26 years and as you
know the years sure go by fast!!
I really believe "Flint McCullough" is
one of the reasons I have such a strong
feeling to be a man of integrity and honesty
like the person you were on 'WAGON TRAIN"
Thank You and "God Bless" you and your
Joe McMillan
Plymouth, Ma. 


Happy Anniversary! 

God bless you and your wife!
Lennis, Virginia


Dear Bob and Marilynn: My sincere best wishes for a very Happy 40th Anniversary!! I, too, was very much in love with Flint McCullough. That devilish grin would knock any girl off her feet. Again, best wishes.

Nancy, Missouri


Hi, I don't know if this email will get directly to you - Robert Horton. However, if so, I just wanted to say that I have always been a fan of yours since you were on the old Wagon Train series. I was 6 years old when the series began. At that time I lived in Roanoke, Virginia. My dad was always a cowboy fan and got me started watching Wagon Train. Actually our whole family watched the show together, including my grandmother - Granny Sally, who stayed with us. An interesting story about my grandmother, she loved the westerns on TV back in the 1950's. My mom told me recently that Granny Sally use to take the bus into town twice a week to watch the western movies. This was in the 1940's through early 1950's, back in Roanoke. I was very saddened when you left the Wagon Train series. Robert Fuller, your replacement was good, but he was not you. I think you were better looking than him. Do you make personal appearances with the western festivals? If so, I sure hope one day to meet you. It would be great to say in person how much I enjoyed watching you on TV. If you sell pictures of you, I would love to buy one, maybe with an autograph of yours. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Your fan since a little girl - now a much older baby-boomer, who still loves the old TV westerns, but still a little girl in heart. Thanks, Valerie.


Hi Mr. Horton!

I grew up being such a fan of "Wagon Train", it was such a great show, with
wonderful writing, and great guest stars. I grew up drawing lots and lots
of cowboys when I was in high school. "Wagon Train" had a lot to do with that.

I am an artist, and my love for TV Westerns has influenced my work. In fact,
I was in a group ceramics show in L.A. (Glendale's Brand Library, actually) 
in which I did my "Cowboy Art" a few years ago. One of the pottery pieces I 
created was a plate with Flint painted on it. I watched old episodes of 
"Wagon Train" and that's how I got my inspiration! People who came
to the ceramic art show recognized you from my plate. "Wagon Train" was such a 
classic, it will always be influencing people!

Thanks so much for your good work. 
J.R. Dunster
Hooterville, MO

Hi Robert

I am very pleased to know that you are very much alive and working. I used to be a member of your fan club in England in 1960s. Also I saw you and your wife Marilynn at the Birmingham Hippodrome on Sunday 14th May 1961. I thought you both were absolutely fantastic! I used to watch "Wagon Train" when I was younger and enjoyed this programme very much. May I congratulate your and your wife on your 40th Wedding Anniversary on 31st December 2000 and I do hope you will have a lovely day.

Best Wishes from


Dear Mr. Horton:
You were my hero when I was growing up. I'm
now 51 and have a bunch of Wagon Train shows
on tape, they sure take me back to a simpler
time, when honesty & integrity meant something.
You said in one episode of Wagon Train, when
a lady asked you if you planned on doing what
you said, you replied ''I say what I mean and I
mean what I say.'' What do kids have today for
hero's, "Beavis and Butthead'?
What was it like to work with Ward Bond?
You seemed to have some real respect for
each other, his early death was such a
Sir, if you get this I would love to hear
from you.
Joe McMillan, Plymouth, MA


What a buzz.. Not often we get a chance to thank someone for the great pleasure they gave you. As a young girl growing up in rather poor conditions in England - watching the gorgeous, debonnaire Wagon Train scout on our new tv brightened my life no end. I have a rather large scrap book to this day in which I collected everything I could get on your career. So glad to read in this web site that you are still well, and able to enjoy your life. I remember you at the Command performance and your great voice. I'm now living in Australia - maybe one day you may get 'down under' and your many fans here will be able to come and see you. Hope you get this message. Thanks so much again for brightening my 'younger' years. Kind regards. Jacqui, Victoria Australia 


Mr. Horton... I have been a fan of yours for years! I remember you on Wagon Train and had the biggest crush that a preteen could have! You were my knight in buckskin! I wanted to be kidnapped by Indians and saved by you! I have written a poem about your character, Flint, and will give it to one of my friends who is going to the convention in Laughlin, NV at the the end of this month...I have framed it, simple, for you and would like you to have it...take care and I hope you like it! Again, thanks for the memories of a time of innocence and values!
Maggie, Simi Valley, CA


I was a member of your English Fan Club in the sixties and I saw you and your wife Marilynn at the Birmingham Hippodrome on Sunday the 14th of May 1961 and I thought you were so fantastic! I've still got your Robert Horton Fan Club books, ring, necklace and badge. I am so glad to hear that you are keeping well and I hope you had a happy birthday!
Best wishes from

Mr. Horton, Congratulations on having created Flint McCullough, a Western hero who endures! Most actors work their whole lives and never infuse a character with such unique qualities as to make them memorable. While I know it was a hard fought battle for the creative freedom to make McCullough more than a stereotypic cowboy, the test of time has proven your instincts impeccable.

As the webmaster at the Fifties Website, I get an awful lot of mail from folks sharing what they recall of those years. Robert Horton and Flint McCullough remain a strong presence in the collective memory of more than one generation. So the next time you are in a room full of fellow actors, take a look around and know how few can claim that distinction.

Best wishes for continued health and happiness.
Candace Rich
The Fifties Website


Well I just found this site, but anyway Mr. Horton hope you had a great birthday and many many more. When I was young I watched Wagon Train, even at that young of an age the show really drew my interest. Thank You for your time and a great site.....
Paula R. Cartwright

Mr. Horton, Wagon Train has bought me the most pleasure in watching TV. I started watching Trailmaster in the 60's, and my sisters and I would fight over who was going to be Flint's girlfriend that day. I always won. I have wished for some info on you on the web forever and I'm so glad to at least know you're alive. I hope you are well. I have started collecting Wagon Train videos and at the present time I have 40. Best wishes forever.

Lennis Harris, VA


As a lad of about eight or nine I watched Wagon Train when it was first broadcast in the UK in the late 50s. I think the first episode I saw was the Gabe Carswell Story. From that moment (and I still recall it vividly) Flint McCullough became my ideal hero. Robert Horton brought such a completeness to his characterization, gentleness and strength, humour and energy, resoluteness and patience - oh and a sexual magnetism too. He looked so masculine and "cool" in that buckskin jacket. Even today, as a man of 50, when I write action or adventure stories, it is still Flint whom I conjure up when I begin to describe my leading man. The eventual word-portrait, might not be recognizable to anyone else, but I know that however much I may elaborate it, at the core of my protagonist is dear old Flint still alive in my heart.
So basically, just want to say a very big and overdue "thank you" to Bob Horton for so many years of pleasure, and for being such an inspiration. I would have said it long ago if I had known how - this web-page gives me the opportunity. Incidentally, about 10 years ago, British TV reshowed a long run of WT episodes - I videoed many of them. I am glad to say that the old magic was still there, and that my heart beat that little bit faster when Flint hove into view. I cannot, will never be able to say thanks enough to Robert Horton - but if this message reaches him and he reads it, I'd like him to know that it comes with the most sincere best wishes to him and his wife. It is a shame that he was seen so little on TV after the 60s - I for one missed him - but he has always lived on in my memory and affections. Thanks again a million times for a performance that has marked my whole life. PHIL, UK

I wish you a very happy, healthy, joyous birthday and many, many more!
Sincerely, Alicia

Happy Birthday Mr. Horton!
Thank you for all of the wonderful years of entertainment you've given


Happy Birthday, Mr. Horton! You were my first "love" . . . way back in 1958 when I was very, very young. It was a long, hot summer during which I never missed an episode of Wagon Train. Peggy Lee was singing "Fever" on the radio, you were riding that beautiful Appaloosa, and during those long, sultry days and nights a child first experienced the awakenings that would lead her to womanhood. Forty-two years later, I still think of you with warmth, and with happiness that you are well, happy and successful! Your fan always, Linda


Happy Birthday!

Cindy, from CA


Mr. Horton,
I was thrilled to discover this website honoring you. Obviously, I'm not alone in my admiration for your work. Flint will always be a favorite character of mine because your portrayal made him so special. 
I'm delighted to have this opportunity to say "thank you" for Flint, for A Man Called Shenandoah, for Kiowa Jones and many others. And thank you, too, for Tommy in Brigadoon. I was fortunate to be able to see and hear you in that many many years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota. 
May you have a wonderful birthday and happiness always!

Dear Bob, I have many fond memories of growing up with solid Cowboy heros. It's a pleasure and honor to wish you a wonderful happy birthday.
Also may you and your wife have a great 40th Wedding Anniversary this up-
coming December. God bless you both. Take good care of yourselves. Nez

Dear Mr. Horton, I wish you a very happy birthday and many more. I loved you in Wagon Train and a Man Called Shenandoah. I just thought the world of you, especially as Flint McCullough, and I liked you in King's Row with Jack Kelly. I prefer your natural hair color though. May this be your happiest birthday ever and may your life be blessed. With Great Admiration, Sharon

Happy Birthday Mr. Horton! May you have a long life and good health. Your screen
presence is still loved and revered by many people with your wonderful work on both
Wagon Train and Shenandoah among others but those two series certainly endeared you to millions of kids, both males and females, who had the blessing to be born
and grow up in the 1950's and early 1960's before this country was turned upside
down. Your warm smile and rugged good looks still leaves many cowgirls breathless
and we cowpokes loved your "Flint" outfit. Happy Birthday, and May the God Lord
Rudy A. D'Angelo
Western Historian & Collector
Author of "Television's Cowboys, Gunfighters & Cap Pistols"

We also enjoyed Wagon Train over here in England and I just want to congratulate you on a fine programme that has enduring appeal. Also like to say a belated happy birthday. Hope you had a good day.
Tony, from England


Dear Mr. Horton:

Hope that your birthday was enjoyable.

I am putting together film clips of a brief career of a friend of mine 

(now a retired Las Vegas executive). He appeared in one of your later Wagon Train episodes when your character befriends an Indian woman and almost gets killed in the process. Ward Bond only appears in an obviously added clip at the end. My friend appears as an Indian.
If you could give us the name of the episode and any hints of where to locate a copy, it would be much appreciated.

Good luck with all.
Jeffrey Compton
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for all the happy memories. Wagon Train and A Man Called
Shenandoah gave me many hours of happiness growing up and even now
in reruns. Happy Birthday, and thanks again.


Happy belated birthday, sorry I am late but I was in the hospital awhile
I pray you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I pray you will have many many more.

Love from one of your many many fans.
Barb Harris.

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