As The World Turns

After almost two decades of performing in live theater and films, Mr. Horton returned to television during the 1980's in the daytime soap, "As the World Turns." For two years he played the part of publishing tycoon Whit McColl, a tough, ruthless executive of a newspaper empire. Robert said of playing Whit,  "I've known a lot of top TV executives, and they're all the same type. They're bright, they're charming, and they're deadly. When the time comes for them to cut your throat, they'll do it in a snap!" Not only was the character of Whit McColl about as far from Flint McCullough as you could get (though notice the similarity in the names), in thirty years the dialogue most certainly changed too! 
As Bob said of the plot, "There are so many contradictions in the storyline that all an actor can do is concentrate on his individual scenes and trust the writers and producers know their business." Eileen Fulton, who originated and played the role of 'Lisa' for twenty-three years, played Whit's wife, but when Eileen left the show, Betsy Von Furstenberg assumed that role, though the two women looked nothing alike. Robert liked the people he worked with on ATWT and found a friendly atmosphere on the set. Every now and then he even got to have a love scene with 'Lisa' or a heartwarming scene with one of his 'kids,' though his character basically called for him to find the "harder, nastier side of my personality." 
Robert loved doing the soap opera and considered it a really great job: great pay, reasonable hours, and the whole show wasn't resting on his shoulders. Unfortunately all the filming took place in New York City, and while Robert and his wife Marilynn 'like' NYC, they love California. When Robert's character was killed off (in true soap opera style, he was beaten to death with an ashtray!), Robert had few regrets and the Hortons gladly moved back to the home they so obviously love and missed in Encino, CA. The house was actually built by George Montgomery and Robert admits to "falling in love" with it the first time he saw it. It's all hand-planed matched pine and is a reproduction of a pre-Revolutionary War New England farmhouse.

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