Robert Horton

At about 18 months
Born: 29 July 1924, Los Angeles, CA 
3 years old 5 years old 10 years old 17 years old 21 years old


Real Name: Meade Howard Horton, Jr.
Education: Graduated, Cum Laude, University of California

College Graduation

 1) Mary K Jobe (1945-1950)
 2) Barbara Ruick (1953-1956)
 3) Marilynn Bradley (1960 – to date)
Bob & MarilynnOn their 4oth Anniversary

Bob and Marilynn were married on 31 Dec 1960 and will celebrate their 49rd Wedding Anniversary this New Years Eve! Congratulations to both of them! They have no children. Mr. Horton and his lovely wife, Marilynn, now live in Encino, CA. 

Robert Horton was often described as "6’ of redheaded dynamite" (though he’s actually a shade over 6’), and we, his loyal fans, certainly agree with that! Even though his hair is now a gorgeous "silver," he still packs plenty of dynamite! His hobbies include flying and collecting fancy cars. He owned his own plane, a Piper Comanche 250, from 1957 to 1998, and he logged over a thousand hours while flying all across the country, often with his accomplished wife Marilynn as his co-pilot and navigator. Regarding his cars, Mr. Horton said, "I don't show my cars, I drive them. The two don't go together. My hobby is my cars, and they keep me very busy."  His favorite movie is "Uncertain Glory," and his favorite actors were Errol Flynn and Myna Loy. Mr. Horton lists among his greatest thrills and accomplishments: his first solo flight, the Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth, and being honored on "This is Your Life." In 1963, Bob also made the list of the Ten Best Dressed Men, along with President John Kennedy, James Garner, and Joey Bishop. His quote to live by comes from a sign that hung in his father's office: "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Persistence and determination are omnipotent."

In His PlaneWith the QueenAt the 'This is Your Life' Party, 1961

Mr. Horton did all of his own riding and stunts on most of the "Wagon Train" and "A Man Called Shenandoah" series, and he owned the Appaloosa horse he often rode in both series. The Appaloosa's name was "Stormy Night" since he got him on a stormy night at a rodeo in Idaho. "Little Buck" was the name of the horse he rode early in the Wagon Train series. 
Bob on Stormy Night

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