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Your help is urgently needed! A request from a Toby Jug collector and author of a book on Toby Jugs has asked for any information any fans out there might have on the Flint McCullough Toby Jugs pictured below. 

David Fastenau wrote the following query to Robert, who knew nothing about any Toby Jug made for Flint until I asked him about it. David knows of only three of these jugs in existence: one in his possession now, one in the American Toby Jug Museum in Chicago, IL, and the last in a private collection in England. If anyone knows of any others, I'm sure David  would be interested in that knowledge, as well as any information on this particular jug.

Below is the letter he wrote to Robert, as well as the pictures he sent to me. Please share any information any of you out there might have on this. Email me, Alicia Williams, and/or David Fastenau. Thanks

P.S. Yes, I know the jug looks nothing at all like Robert, or Flint as the case may be, but I'd still want one if another should ever turn up!

I am a collector of Toby jugs (ceramic
drinking vessels in the shape of people or people's heads) and have
published a book on the subject which can be found at

In the pursuit of this collecting passion, I have just purchased a
wonderful Toby jug depicting your character from Wagon Train, Flint
McCullough.  Now I am trying to track down information on the details
behind the making of the jug, who might have commissioned it, etc., for a
possible second edition of the book.

What I know is little, but the jug was obviously made in the late 1950s
or early 1960s, I am not sure exactly when.  It was produced by the
pottery of Burgess and Leigh in Staffordshire, England, designed and
modeled by their renowned artist, E. T. Bailey.  What I would like to know
is why it was made, how many were made, were they handed out to cast
members or created for you and only you.  I suspect there are very few
of these in existence, but don't know.

Have you ever heard of this?  Can you help me?  Do you have one?

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide,

David Fastenau

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