Columbia House Campaign

Please join our campaign to get Columbia House to release more Wagon Train episodes on VHS and/or DVD!  We also need to let Columbia House know that we want The Man Called Shenandoah released on VHS or DVD as well! If they know there is a market, they WILL do it!

Write to Columbia House (snail-mail is preferred since it gets more attention these days) and let them know what we want. You can include this website address as a reference to the Wagon Train episodes we want, or include the list as an attachment to your letter. The Shenandoah episodes are easy - we want them all! While we're at it, we also might want to let them know that Robert's picture should be on the Wagon Train cover!

The address is:

Columbia House

Video Library

1400 North Fruitridge Ave.

Terre Haute, IN 47812-9701


PLEASE e-mail me copies of your letters or at least let me know that you have written! Robert is worth a lot more than a 37-cent stamp!

To our British friends, I ask that you too please write letters to Columbia House. Even if we can't get them to release the videos in PAL format, if we can get really good VHS copies, the loss in quality when you transfer them is so minimal you too will benefit!

For those of you who feel you are "letter writing challenged," or feel you have no time to compose a "real" letter, I am including a copy of the letter I have written. Feel free to copy it and adapt it for your use (please make some changes, since we don't want the powers that be at Columbia House to feel that these are form letters). 

Columbia House
Video Library
1400 North Fruitridge Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47812-9701

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing as a fan, and as the webmaster of the Robert Horton website (, asking, no, begging you to bring out more Wagon Train episodes. The quality of your product is second to none! Many of us have obtained tapes of other episodes from any source we could find, but none come up to the quality and clarity of your tapes! We "NEED" more tapes from the first five years of Wagon Train and specifically the episodes starring Robert Horton (see the attached list). The chemistry between Robert Horton and Ward Bond was magical, and those first three years of Wagon Train represent some of the very best of television. I would also like to suggest that you put a picture of Robert Horton on the cover of your tapes! Wagon Train starred Robert Horton for five years (Ward Bond was only in it for three years), and that was longer than anyone else except Terry Wilson and Frank McGrath.   

As a dedicated Robert Horton fan, I am also asking you to consider bringing out all 34 episodes of the A Man Called Shenandoah series on VHS or DVD. Since this series only lasted one season (more due to the network's stupidity than the reviews, which were superb), as a "Special Edition" series, I can guarantee the sales! My website alone receives over 600 hits a month. Our British fans would also like to see the availability of these tapes in their country and in the PAL format! Robert was, and still is, extremely popular in the British Isles, and he has many dedicated fans there today.

Thank you for your attention.





Wagon Train Episodes Wanted from Columbia House!

First Season

Jean LeBec Story
Emily Rossiter Story
Clara Beauchamp Story
Cliff Grundy Story
Sarah Drummond Story
Charles Maury Story
Cassie Tanner Story
John Wilbot Story
Monty Britton Story

Second Season

Jennifer Churchill Story
Millie Davis Story
Beauty Jamison Story
Mary Ellen Thomas Story
Flint McCullough Story
Ben Courtney Story
Old Man Charvanaugh Story
Annie Griffith Story
Conchita Vasquez Story
Sister Rita Story
Duke LeMay Story
Steve Campden Story

Third Season

Stagecoach Story
Martha Barham Story
Felizia Kingdom Story
Jess MacAbbee Story
Ruth Marshall Story
Colonel Harris Story
Larry Hanify Story
Alexander Portless Story
Amos Gibbon Story
Countess Baranof Story

Fourth Season

Allison Justis Story
Princess of a Lost Tribe
Bleymier Story
Jane Hawkins Story
Earl Packer Story
The Odyssey of Flint McCullough
Jed Polke Story
Nancy Palmer Story
Christopher Hale Story
Jim Bridger Story
Eleanor Culhane Story
Wagon to Fort Anderson
Don Alvarado Story

Fifth Season

Captain Dan Brady Story
Maud Frazer Story
Artie Matthewson Story
Bruce Saybrook Story
The Traitor
Martin Onyx Story
Amos Billings Story
Swamp Devil
Nancy Davis Story






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