Wagon Train

The Fifth Season

1)      The Captain Dan Brady Story (27 Sep 1961): Chris Hale faces a serious problem: if he hires legendary scout Dan Brady, he will lose Flint McCullough; if he doesn’t hire Dan he will lose the Government mail contract he needs to finance the wagon train. GS: Joseph Cotton, Paul Comi, David Faulkner, Dawn Wells, Russell Thorson, Maurice Hugo, Edward Colmans. (A)  

2)      The Maud Frazer Story (11 Oct 1961): After an Indian attack kills all their men, the remaining women decide to continue west under the leadership of strong willed Maud Frazer. Flint tries to persuade them to join Chris Hale’s train, but they refuse. Instead Maud attempts to lure Flint into joining them. GS: Barbara Stanwyck, Nora Marlowe, Renee Godfrey, Russ Conway. (A)  

3)      The Artie Matthewson Story (8 Nov 1961): Flint discovers that his foster brother Artie has been elected mayor of a boom town, and though he suspects Artie is up to no good, no one in town will listen to him. GS: Rory Calhoun, Jane Darwell, Joyce Meadows, House Peters, Jr. (W)  

4)      The Bruce Saybrook Story (22 Nov 1961): Flint warns a hunting party of British nobility that they are traveling through hostile Indian territory. GS: Brian Ahern, Antoinette Bower, Liam Sullivan. (W)  

5)   The Traitor (13 Dec 1961): Flint is accused of horse theft, tried and sentenced to a whipping and banishment from the wagon train. GS: Jeanne Cooper, Nick Adams, Myron Healy, Stacy Keach, Alex Montoya, Anthony Caruso. (A)  

 6)  The Martin Onyx Story (3 Jan 1962): Flint is surprised to learn that a legendary lawman, Martin Onyx, has answered a town's plea for help to rid themselves of a gang of outlaws; he thought Onyx was dead. GS: Jack Warden, Sherwood Price, Morgan Woodward. (W)  

7)      The Dr. Denker Story (31 Jan 1962): Flint finds a young boy, so paralyzed with fear that he can no longer speak after witnessing the death of his father. Dr. Denker, a musician traveling with the train, helps the boy through music. GS: Theodore Bikel, Michael Burns, George Keymas, Kathleen O’Malley, James Lydon. (A)  

8)      The Amos Billings Story (14 Mar 1962): While scouting, Flint is stopped by Amos Billings, who claims that he and his son have blasted a tunnel through a dead-end canyon, and it will save the wagon train at least two weeks of travel. GS: Jon Locke, Paul Fix, Dennis Patrick. (W)  

9)   Swamp Devil (4 Apr 1962): As Flint is guiding Otto Burger and his companions, they reach the edge of a swamp, where they are advised by a local Indian chief to detour because of the evil spirits living there. GS: Philip Bourneuf, Otto Waldis, Richard Cutting, Kay Stewart, Robert Bice. (W)  

10) The Nancy Davis Story (16 May 1962): While Flint, Hawks, and Wooster are in a local saloon, Flint hears the name of Lace Andrews. He has been looking for Andrews for eight years, to kill him. This episode wrote “Flint” out of the series, and was not particularly consistent with the “Flint” biography. GS: Keith Richards, Lory Patrick, Cloris Leachman, Russell Collins, George Keymas, Bob Anderson, Sam Edwards, Kay Stewart, Don Gazzaniga. (A)

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