Wagon Train

The Fourth Season

1)      The Allison Justis Story (19 Oct 1960): Flint kills a horse thief, who he later learns is the husband of an old girlfriend and the very respected mayor of the nearby town. GS: Gloria DeHaven, Michael Burns, Edward G. Robinson, Jr., Gregg Stewart, Ken Hooker, Dan Tobin. (A) 

2)      Princess of a Lost Tribe (2 Nov 1960): When Flint and his companions discover descendants of an Aztec tribe living in a hidden valley, they are told they aren’t prisoners; they just can’t leave the ancient city. While there, Flint falls in love with the daughter of the Aztec ruler. GS: Linda Lawson, Raymond Massey, Ed Mallory, Raymond Greenleaf, Frank Jenks, Chet Stratton. (A)  

3)      The Bleymier Story (16 Nov 1960): Flint is leading a small party of settlers to their new homesteads in the Dakota Territory when they become bogged down by rain. One of the settlers, Sam Bleymier, is a fanatic and claims the torrential rains are an omen of disaster. GS: Dan Duryea, Ellen Willard, James Drury, John McLiam, Juney Ellis, David McMahon. (A)  

4)      The Jane Hawkins Story (30 Nov 1960): Flint finds Jane Hawkins, who has been shot, and brings her into the nearest town. However, the doctor is reluctant to treat her, fearing reprisals, since she was shot by the hired gun of the towns ‘dictator.’ GS: Myrna Fahey, Edgar Buchanan, Kathie Brown, Sherwood Price, Whit Bissell, Kay Stewart, Nestor Paiva. (A)  

5)      The River Crossing (14 Dec 1960): When a river swells dangerously , Flint finds himself left with half the wagon train on one side of the river, stuck between the raging river and a Comanche war party. GS: Michael Keep, Charles Aidman, X Brands, Robert J. Wilke, Ron Harper, Marshall Reed, Claudia Bryar, Colette Jackson, Allen Jaffe. (CH)  

6)      The Earl Packer Story (4 Jan 1961): Sheriff Bill Strode once saved Flint’s life, so when he is wounded he asks Flint for help. But Flint is concerned as to why Strobe is trying to elude bounty hunter Earl Packard, who has a reputation for always getting his man. GS: Ernest Borgnine, Edward Binns, Rex Holman, Jane Burgess. (A)  

7)   The Prairie Story (1 Feb 1961): As Flint leads the wagon train west across the hundreds of miles of arid prairie, the toll the trip takes on the women is revealed. This is a powerful story and one that sees Flint in the role of the wagon master, after the death of Ward Bond. GS: Beulah Bondi, Jan Clayton, John Archer, Virginia Christine, Diane Jergens, Mickey Sholder, Ilana Dowding, Jack Beutel. (CH)  

8)   The Odyssey of Flint McCullough (15 Feb 1961): While scouting, Flint finds the survivors of an Indian raid and attempts to guide them to safety. GS: Henry Hull, Michael Burns, Dana Dillaway, Suzi Carnel, Tony Maxwell, Bryan Russell, Clay Randolph, Laurie Main. (A)  

9)   The Jed Polke Story (1 Mar 1961): Flint finds Jed and Rheba Polke near death in the desert, but the only doctor on the train refuses to treat Jed. GS: John Lasell, Joyce Meadows, Willard Waterman, Ron Hayes, Dennis Holmes, Perry Lopez, Frank Gerstle, Juney Ellis. (A)  

10) The Nancy Palmer Story (8 Mar 1961): Though her husband Dan is not popular on the wagon train, Nancy’s charm and acts of kindness to the children endear her to its members. But when a theft in a nearby town is discovered, people begin to suspect Dan. GS: Audrey Meadows, Elisha Cook, Jr., Jack Cassidy, Vivi Janiss, Jeanne Bates, Roger Mobley, Rory Stevens, Harry Lauter, Med Florey, Bern Hoffman. (A)  

11)  The Christopher Hale Story (15 Mar 1961): Flint meets with Chris Hale, a retired wagonmaster, who is overcome with grief after his family is massacred by Indians, to convince him to hire on as the new wagonmaster. In the meantime, the holding company that owns the wagon train has employed a new wagonmaster, Jud Benedict, who arrives with four gunslingers to keep order on the train. This episode, introduced John McIntyre as the new wagonmaster, following the death of Ward Bond. GS: Lee Marvin, L. Q. Jones, Nancy Rennick, Claire Carleton. (W)  

12)  The Jim Bridger Story (10 May 1961): Flint, who is temporarily in charge of the wagon train, is ordered by an Army General to take the train back into hostile Indian territory to rescue a trapped cavalry unit. GS: Karl Swenson, John Doucette, Jackie Russell, Hank Brandt, Barbara Woodell, Nestor Paiva, Francis DeSales. (W)  

13)  The Eleanor Culhane Story (17 May 1961): When Flint visits an old flame, he finds that she is now the reclusive widow of a notorious gunfighter. As Flint coaxes her to return to the world, he finds his love for her returning, unfortunately so does her supposedly dead husband. GS: Felicia Farr, John Lasell, Russell Thorson, Orville Sherman, Renata Vanni, Hank Patterson. (A)  

14) Wagon to Fort Anderson (7 Jun 1961): Flint finds Fay and Sue Ellison, the only survivors of an Indian massacre, but his attempt to lead them to safety is impeded by two army deserters who try to convince the girls that he’s really leading them to disaster. GS: Albert Salmi, Carol Rossen, Don Rickles, Candy Moore, Lou Webb, Hal Needham. (A)    

15) The Don Alvarado Story (21 Jun 1961): Flint grants the dying wish of a Spanish nobleman to pose as Don Adriano Alvarado and claim his inheritance for the rest of his family. Along with the deal comes the woman Adriano was supposed to marry. No one had seen Adriano in years, and as luck would have it, Flint had the same red hair Alvarado's "mother" had. GS: Andrea Martin, Vladimir Sokoloff, Michael Forest, Ed Nelson, Ken Terrell, David Faulkner, Jerry Lazarre, Armand Alzamora. (A)

The Fifth Season

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