Wagon Train

The Third Season

1)      The Stagecoach Story (30 Sept 1959): Maj. Adams, Bill Hawks, and Charlie Wooster decide to return to St. Joe via stagecoach. They are dismayed to find the driver is none other than their scout, Flint McCullough. However, their fellow traveling companion, a lovely Mexican dancer, brightens the trip. GS: Debra Paget, Clu Gulager, Abraham Sofaer, Lalo Rios. (A)  

2)   The Estaban Zamora Story (21 Oct 1959): Immigrant Estaban Zamora is traveling west to join his three sons who are working for a sheep farmer. When he arrives, he finds that his youngest son has been killed and he vows revenge. Flint tries to help him. GS: Ernest Borgnine, Leonard Nimoy, Phillip Pine, Robert Armstrong, Stuart Randall, James Griffith, David McMahon, Jeanne Bates. (CH)  

  3)   The Martha Barham Story (4 Nov 1959):  Flint and a Sioux friend of his arrive at an army post, where the commander’s daughter accuses Flint of being a renegade. But when she is the only survivor of an Indian attack on the fort, she asks Flint for help in finding her fiancé, believed captured by the Indians. GS: Ann Blyth, Dayton Lummis, Read Morgan, Mike Road, Henry Brandon, Warren Oates, Larry Blake, John Damler. (A)  

4)   The Felizia Kingdom Story (18 Nov 1959): When Flint goes to the ranch of Felizia Kingdom to ask for permission for the wagon train to cross her land, he finds himself taken captive by the strong-willed woman. GS: Dame Judith Anderson, Larry Perron. (A)

5)      The Jess MacAbbee Story (25 Nov 1959): Flint comes upon a small valley and the home of Jess MacAbbee, who appears to be hiding something: his five lovely daughters. The girls, never having met another man before, promptly believe themselves in love with the scout. A truly delightful story. GS: Andy Devine, Glenda Farrell, Carol Byron, Karen Green, Terry Burnham, Tammy Marihugh, Ray Teal, Bill St. John. (A)  

6)      The Ruth Marshall Story (30 Dec 1959): As a favor to a passenger on the wagon train, Flint agrees to search for his daughter, who was captured by Indians many years before. He finds a girl, living in the forest with wolves, whom the Indians believe to be a powerful medicine woman. To save Flint’s life, she agrees to stay with the Indians. GS: Luana Patten, Mike Keene, Fred Sherman, Bob Bice, Sam Capuano. (A) 

7)      The Colonel Harris Story (13 Jan 1960):  When Flint takes a few days to travel to Fort Harris to see some old friends, he finds that they are about to start a war with one another over the death of the colonel’s wife. It is up to Flint to avert the senseless bloodshed. GS: John Howard, James Best, Nestor Paiva, Ken Mayer, Irene Windust, Jacqueline DeWitt. (A)  

8)   The Larry Hanify Story (27 Jan 1960): As he is dying, an old friend of Flint’s asks him to find his son and take him to California with the wagon train. Though Flint is warned by the townspeople that the boy is a liar and a thief, he agrees to be responsible for him. GS: Tommy Sands, Gene Roth, Cindy Robbins, Wally Moon, Orville Sherman, Olan Soule, Edith Evanson, Dan Riss, Joseph Mell. (A)  

9)   The Benjamin Burns Story (17 Feb 1960): Old mountaineer Benjamin Burns is the train's only hope to find water and with Flint's help leads a party of men to go searching for a legendary mountain spring. But when the old man is smothered after he takes a bad fall, Flint, who was delirious from a rattlesnake bite, fears he might be the killer. A powerful episode. GS: James Franciscus, J. Carrol Nash, Olive Sturgess, Jack Lambert. (CH)  

10) The Alexander Portless Story (16 Mar 1960): Flint is kidnapped by an outlaw gang, headed by an aging British archaeologist, who need Flint to help guide them to a lost Aztec treasure. GS: Peter Lorre, Morgan Woodward, Sherwood Price, Bern Hoffman. (A)

11) The Maggie Hamilton Story (6 Apr 1960): A spoiled young woman runs away from the wagon train, and Flint is sent to find her. GS: Susan Oliver, Les Tremayne, Sylvia Marriott, Orville Sherman, Frank Wolff, Leonard Nimoy. (CH)  

12) The Amos Gibbon Story (20 Apr 1960): Amos Gibbon and his gang have been kidnapping men and forcing them into slave labor, but they’ve captured the wrong man when they capture Flint. GS: Arthur Shields, Francis J. McDonald, Charles Aidman, Bob Hopkins, William Schallert, John Ashley, Darlene Fields, Mickey Finn. (A)  

13) The Countess Baranof Story (11 May 1960): Countess Baranof is in a hurry to reach Alaska before its rumored sale to the United States. She tries to talk Flint into deserting the train and guiding her by a faster route. GS: Taina Elg, Simon Oakland, Peter Leads, Ann B. Davis, Roy Engel, Ethel Shutta. (A)  

The Fourth Season

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